If You Care To Ever See Rubber Duck Alive Again You Better Comply With Our Demands


RD is weary after an extensive day of travel which brought him in and around Cape Ann.


Fabric (Floral designs and stripes)

Safety Pins

Needles and Thread

These items need to be dropped off at Hobbit House Gallery On Madfish Wharf Or Else The Duck Becomes Pate.

September 16th or the duck gets it!

16 thoughts on “If You Care To Ever See Rubber Duck Alive Again You Better Comply With Our Demands

  1. Paul, I really think you need to comply with their demands. They brought RD by Hobbit House this afternoon to show that she was still with us, but she looked a little bruised, weary and homesick. She is no longer with Regina but is now in the possession of two young kiddynappers who had devilish glints in their eyes as they went off with her.


    1. This make me sick. Absolutely devastated. Pate, you say. That disgusts me. Long live the DUCK. RD is sacrosanct. I will immediately pay any ransom that is required. Several cocktails beforehand with that raven haired beauty.


    2. I saw them too and they are serious!!!!! A gift card to joann’s fabric would probably get her back. and by the way, that was my evil twin sister hanging RD…


  2. So the power goes out but we’ve made reservations at LaGrassos and I know they are on a better Rockport circuit and sure enough they had lights and I go to get Rubber Duck out of the duck bag because she loves to sit at the table at LaGrassos since it’s bring your own bottles and RD appreciates that and RUBBER DUCK IS NOT IN THE BAG!! OH NOES!!!

    But no biggie I left her at Yupo Gallery and Regina seems quite nice and will take care of RD then OH NOES JOEY WAS STILL THERE HE FUCKING KIDNAPPED RUBBER DUCK AND REGINA IS HANGING RD BY SPEAKER CORD!!!!

    So I got a list of demands? Fabric (Floral designs and stripes), Safety Pins, Needles and Thread. WTF?? OK, I’ll go with the flow here. Are we requesting enough to make a nice little Rubber Duck sailor outfit or is Joey getting dressed up for his debutante ball because the amount of fabric will be a little different in either case.

    Rubber Duck has 186 little rubber friends that are itching to reconnoiter the abduction. If you see them floating in the harbor heading towards the dock I would be worried if there is the tiniest scratch in our rubbery friend.


  3. This sounds like a high risks situation for duckie maybe he can float away or do hide with the good fellows – can’t beat the food:-) Dave
    Goodfellas – Dinner in Prison


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