Burnham’s Field Now Officially Now Has A Mac Daddy Playground

Holy Cannoli Batman the City’s largest green space play ground in the heart of downtown now has a worthy playground-

What a gorgeous job they did.  Kudos to all those involved.




I missed the Grand Re-Opening but here was the info-


Big news from the largest playground and green space in central Gloucester: Burnham’s Field is set to reopen this Saturday after its first major renovation in 30 years! All are invited to the Grand Reopening Event this Saturday at 9 a.m.



John McElhenny

Friends of Burnham’s Field 

Sept. 3, 2014

Burnham’s Field to reopen with a splash

Ribbon-Cutting this Saturday, Sept. 6, at 9 a.m. to show improvements to central Gloucester’s largest green space and playground

(Gloucester, MA)—Mayor Carolyn Kirk and Ward 2 City Councilor Melissa Cox invite Gloucester residents to the reopening of the Burnham’s Field Playground on Saturday Sept. 6, 2014. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. followed by a ceremonial “first splash” at the playground’s new spray fountain

The renovation of Burnham’s Field, the largest green space and playground in central Gloucester, is the first major reconstruction of Burnham’s Field in 30 years. The renovation includes two new playgrounds, swings, a spray pad for kids, resurfaced basketball courts, new trees and benches, and a paved path around the field for walking, jogging or riding. The renovation follows the creation of the Burnham’s Field Community Garden in 2011, part of a five-year effort to turn one of Gloucester’s most heavily used fields and playgrounds into a more beautiful, welcoming place for families, children and neighbors.

Mayor Kirk expressed her appreciation for all the hard work that went in to making this improvement happen. “The reopening of the Burnham’s Field Playground culminates a five-year effort by the City and the neighborhood to create a more family-friendly atmosphere for Burnham’s Field. Families with children will enjoy the expanded playground and new spray fountain. Residents of all ages will enjoy the paved pathways and benches that make the Field accessible to all residents.”

Gloucester’s Community Development Department secured state, federal and City Community Preservation grants to fund the project. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Natural Resource Damage program is providing $195,000 towards the $565,000 project cost. The balance of $370,000 is being funded with Federal Community Development Block Grant funds and City Community Preservation Funds.

John McElhenny, a neighbor of Burnham’s Field, said the renovation showed how Gloucester residents and the City can work together. “The renovation of Burnham’s Field shows that in Gloucester, green spaces matter and getting outside and running and playing matter,” said McElhenny, who noted that the new Friends of Burnham’s Field are welcoming donations of trees, park benches and picnic tables to beautify the field. “This renovation is a wonderful first step in making Burnham’s Field a park that every Gloucester resident can be proud of.”

David W. Cash, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, congratulated the City and neighborhood on the success of the project. “We’re happy that residents of all ages can go out and enjoy the outdoor environment that our agency works so diligently to protect. We’re pleased that Gloucester was able to utilize one-time-only funds from a court-ordered landfill closure project to help clean-up a field that was often overlooked in the past.”

3 thoughts on “Burnham’s Field Now Officially Now Has A Mac Daddy Playground

  1. Hi Joey :

    As you might know I was selected as Gloucester Poet Laureate 08/2014 – 2018 . I have since written two very important poems
    of which one was for the ribbon cutting ceremony for Burnham’s Field Grand Re-Opening . The other for the Holy Cow Re-Birth. I was not able to go as I am in Den Mar Rehab since the first week in August. I had a major operation at Mass General where the had to take out my stomach. I will be on a feeding tube the rest of my life. Ward 2 City Councilor offered to read it , but she lost it on her cell , poor signal. The Honorable Mayor Carolyn Kirk invited my grandsons Nathaniel and Daniel to take part of the Ribbon cutting ceremony. So I offer Good Morning Gloucester he following.

    Re Birth of Burnham’s Field

    By Peter A. Todd 09/05/2014

    Poet Laureate of Gloucester 8/2014 – 2018


    We gather this day with families and friends
    To rededicate this neighborhood Field of Dreams
    With our own personal thoughts never to end
    On just what Gloucester’s Burnham Field means
    It represents the hard work of our past and today
    So children and neighbors can be safe and off the street
    Teaching our young the true and fair way
    In the challenges of games to win or except defeat
    A place where little children can have loads of fun
    On all the new slides or swings of their choice
    In spring and summers longer days just begun
    To hear their laughter or the excitement in each child’s voice
    Burnham’s Field a land that many Veteran’s had lived
    Also a place of our own growing years of our past
    May from this day bring pride and commitment to give
    Dedication of love and care so that this our own Field of Dreams
    will last.

    The Re-Birth of the Holy Cow

    By Peter A. Todd 09/05/2014

    Poet Laureate of Gloucester Mass 8/2014 – 2018

    Welcome to the renewed and historic Holy Cow
    Where in the past neighborhood children would meet
    During recess from school or before marriage vows
    Or just for workers to take a load of their feet
    To feast upon mixed flavors of ice cream cones
    Sundaes and Milkshakes or Banana Splits
    A place where old friendships are renewed
    With the spirit of the renewed Holy Cow to uplift
    So sit down with family and friends
    To enjoy what our place has to offer
    A mixture of candy and drinks of the finest blend
    Where once children sat , are now fathers and mothers
    The children of today are the leaders of our tomorrow
    May what we have bring you happiness and joy
    For this time we are blessed by God to borrow
    The company of your presence to enjoy


    1. Great work to all team and PattI you from what I read in the submissions for funds and city council meetings played a big part in this also…What a great team the field never looked so good! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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