Baby Turkey Encounter!

Turey baby poult ©Kim Smith 2014A baby turkey is called a poult.

Turkey baby poult hen ©kim Smith 2014Where was the Tom?

This little turkey family seemed so vulnerable. Although blending well with the surrounding vegetation, the hen was disabled. She was only able to half walk, half hop. Despite her injury, she kept close watch over the babies as they foraged. I was especially surprised that no Tom came charging to protect the flock, which has been my experience with past turkey encounters.

Turkey baby poults ©Kim Smith 2014

Turkey baby poult flying ©Kim Smith 2014.Turkey babies poult hen ©kim Smith 2014.Turkey Hen and Poults

7 thoughts on “Baby Turkey Encounter!

  1. Kim, very nice capture – they do lay low when folks are around…now the pheasants will wait until the last moment in fly up at you defensive move. I had one do this close to the old Beeman School Dogwood area they scared the daylights out of me walking up to it. You are very lucky here to see these in the wild they have such keen eyesight…My younger brother always loved the turkey farms that way think there was one in Newbury or Essex area then in those days…Long ago…We raised turkeys and lots of turkey eggs bigger than the chicken egg but not quite as big as the goose eggs talk about an omelet…thanks :-)Dave & KIm:-)


  2. The Toms do not comingle with the Hens once they have begun nesting. Typically, Toms and jakes hang together until the hens and the poults separate.


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