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THANKS SO MUCH to Our Awesome and Super Wonderful Hard Working Friends of the HarborWalk Cleanup Volunteers

Lise Breen ©Joey Ciaramitaro 2014Lise Breen today at the HarborWalk, photo courtesy Joey Ciaramitaro

Thank you Beth Chiancola and Lise Breen for all your tremendous help today with the HarborWalk Cleanup. We are so appreciative, and so appreciative of the help given by Catherine Ryan, Susan Kelly, Jessie, George Ryan, Charles Ryan, Lise, and Beth on previous cleanup days. The gardens are finally beginning to show some life, with lots of new green growth emerging and now, with all the dried stalks removed, you can really see them springing back!

Happy Spring!

Vine from a HarborWalk cleanup day earlier in April

The Pictures Kim Didn’t Post-

GMG FOB Nat Johnson Writes In With Question About Where to Purchase Bee Friendly Flowers

Thanks for that splendid talk on bees (Why Bees are Disappearing). I’m ready to go and eager to plant. Can you post on Good Morning Gloucester a list of places where one can find (affordable) bee-friendly flowers and plants. (Maybe even some free wild flowers). Recently, we lost our only nursery in Rockport. Blue Gate Gardens, alas, is gone.

Many thanks,

Nat Johnson Rockport

Hi Nat,

Thank you for writing. We have two absolutely fantastic resources for purchasing bee friendly plants right here on Cape Ann and they are Goose Cove Gardens and Wolf Hill.

The staff at both nurseries are super helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, and you will find a rich assortment of nectar-rich bee friendly plants. Tonight I’ll put together a post with my reccomendations for bee friendly plants specifically for our region.

Best wishes and happy planting!

Autumn Beauty Sunflower ©Kim Smith 2013Autumn Beauty Sunflower ~ click the photo once to view larger, click again to see the bee dusted in pollen!

More Kudos to Eastern Point Lit House

Adding to Joey’s breaking news post of earlier today–here’s the press release from Eastern Point Lit House:

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have signed a lease for 261 Main Street in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, a physical home for Eastern Point Lit House & Press. We’re right next door to Alexandra’s Bread, which is of course awesome!

So what is Eastern Point Lit House hoping to accomplish? Anything we can dream up to enliven and support the literary arts on Cape Ann and beyond. In shop we’ll have books we’ve published, as well as those written and published by other folks making incredibly beautiful small press, limited run, and independent books. The kind that you must hold in your hands because they are so unique and gorgeous–books not typically sold in regular book stores. We’ll offer workshops for all ages and abilities led by some fantastic writers and teachers, proofreading and editing services (a public editor for anything from novel manuscripts to press releases and business letters), writing supplies, poetry postcards, cool literary themed t-shirts, and more. We’ll also feature kick ass narrative art and readings by some of today’s most exciting writers. Think of it as a word gallery of sorts, where the written word is the art. Basically we want to make literature even more fun right here in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Literary Cape Ann, y’all. Write by the Sea. Soft opening in a few weeks, and then a big grand opening celebration after that. Dates and more details coming soon. Keep an eye on our social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to get the latest word.

Our monthly Writer’s Book Club will continue at Duckworth’s Bistrot.

Looking forward to kicking things up on Main Street!
Thanks for everything!
ChrisChris Anderson ©Kim Smith 2014

Seasonal Discounted Water Shuttle Pass Is Ready For Your Purchase!

Hi Joey, 

It is that time of year again to launch the Seasonal Discounted Water Shuttle Pass,

Could this be run twice a week through May? Last years campaign went pretty well.

Now available, the Water Shuttle Seasonal Pass $50 per person, purchased before June 30th.  $ 75.00 per person after that date. If interested please email to or call 978-283-1979 leave details.

Thank you,

Capt. Steve Douglass
Harbor Tours, Inc.  

Gloucester, MA., America’s Oldest Seaport


cape ann forum_lyndon


Cape Ann Forum to announce GHS award at spring event

Nationally syndicated radio commentator Christopher Lydon and Columbia University student Kunal Jasty, an intern at Lydon’s Radio Open Source project, will explore the growing gulf in how the older and younger generations keep up with our rapidly changing world at the Cape Ann Forum’s last event of the season—“The News Revolution”—on Sunday, May 4 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Gloucester City Hall. The program is free and open to the public.

“We think there’s a good public conversation to be had between the newspaper and the digital generations about what we need to know and where to find it,” says Lydon, who has been called “the last newspaper guy and the first podcaster” for his innovative use of new media.

The Sunday evening event will also feature the announcement of the ninth annual Cape Ann Forum international awareness award for a Gloucester High School senior who has done outsstanding work in educating her peers on global issues, with the recipient chosen in consultation with GHS faculty. The prize carries with it a $500 scholarship. Lydon says he chose his topic for the event “in honor of the graduating seniors and the ‘rising generation.’”

Lydon covered politics as a reporter for the Boston Globe and the New York Times in the 1970s. He hosted the Ten O’Clock news on WGBH-TV through the 1980s and cofounded and hosted the widely syndicated news and talk show The Connection on WBUR in the 1990s, which at its peak reached 400,000 listeners before a falling out with WBUR ended the run.

Over the next decade, his Radio Open Source blog became a launch-pad for international broadcasts and other activities. While a fellow at Harvard Law School‘s Berkman Center for Internet & Society in 2003, Lydon began recording interviews on blogging and politics and posting them on his blog as MP3 files, an event credited with sparking the growth of podcasting.

In 2005, Lydon returned to the airwaves on Boston’s WGBH with “Open Source”, a blog and podcast on international issues syndicated through Public Radio International. Last January, “Open Source with Christopher Lydon,” was picked up by his former employer, WBUR-FM, and now runs for an hour on Thursday evenings at 9 p.m.

Kunal Jasty, on leave from Columbia University, where he’s a math major, is spending a year at Radio Open Source as a producer. He attended Milton Academy, then the University of Chicago and Columbia before taking a gap year to work with Lydon.

This will be the fifth Cape Ann Forum of the 2013/2014 season and the 68th since the all-volunteer organization was founded after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. For more information, go to the Forum’s website at

Cross the bridge SATURDAY with Cape Ann Big Band, Renee Dupuis, John Rockwell, Carolyn Seavey & Nathan Seavey

Larcom Theatre from stage right

A Cape Ann Big Band concert is one of those rare treats that comes along only a couple of times a year — and next Saturday, May 3,  they’re going over the bridge (for their only spring concert this year) to Beverly’s fully restored, historic Larcom Theatre.

If you haven’t been down the road to the Larcom Theatre yet, this is your chance. It’s the perfect venue for a big band.  Built in 1912 (the same year as Fenway Park) by Vaudeville musicians, this gorgeous theatre has spectacular acoustics.  And we just installed a new, top-shelf sound system for perfect sound in every seat!  Get yours now.

This very special Cape Ann Big Band concert features guest vocalists, Renee Dupuis, John Rockwell, Carolyn Seavey & Nathan Seavey.  Get a taste of what you’ll hear in this video:

Remember, Cape Ann Big Band sold out last year at Shalin Liu.  You don’t want to be stuck waiting ’till the last minute and then not able to get a seat, do you?  Get your tickets now!

Community Photos 4/27/14

Karen Pischke submits-

Hi Joey.

Hope the pics come through okay!

Last year was Dennis’ first Boson Marathon. Like so many others, he was inspired to return to support Boston. While here, 

He enjoyed a pre-race tour of Glosta, Easter Lobsta dinner, and relaxing walks on Poles Hill and Wingaersheek Beach.  

Monday’s Marathon was a beautiful spring day. Dennis finished 3.08, fueled by Lobsta and cheering crowds! Delicious post-race 

dinner at the Franklin- lamb, mussels, oysters and local Cod. The Friday before Marathon, Dennis left his bag on the train 

with all his race gear. It was waiting for him at North Station’s ‘lost and found’ on Tuesday. Great experiences. Faith renewed!

Thanks Joey!

Dennis Represents at the MarathonEasta Lobsta in Glosta


Sand sculpture on Good Harbor Beach From Nat Johnson

Cletus inspects a sand-sculpture of ‘Snoopy’ discovered today on Good Harbor Beach

image003 (5)

Mangia It’s Sunday!




Every Sunday as I strain the pasta, and laddel the Sunday Sugu and meatballs into serving bowls for the family, I think back to my childhood Sunday dinners at my grandparents homes, and can hear the broken Sicilian/English voices of my grandfathers’ saying “Mangia e fatti grossa” ~ “Eat and get fat.”  Everyone in the family knew it was safe to dig in and eat after hearing those words!






My Ode To Gloucester From Tom Walsh

The water laps upon the shore
And then again recedes
As it shall forevermore
This sea, this sea, this sea
Whose swells have daunted daring men
Whose salt made widows tears
Whose bounty blessed, time and again
Whose force we all should fear
Whose fury pounds our precious land
Whose beauty begets verse
Whose power turns our stones to sand
Reminding us what’s first
Reminding us that none escape
Mother Natures laws
That Father Time is never late
His watch, it has no flaws
And all that comes will one day go
To come right back again
It’s there for all to see, to know
That nothing ever ends
The water laps upon the shore
Then once more starts to flee
The tides that turn, forevermore
Reminding you and me
Some things may inspire, implore
Our spirits to live free
But none quite like the awesome shore
This sea, this sea, this sea


Turtle Love From Austin Sousa

Daddy Turtle Just Laying Down The Hammer While Momma Turtle Doesn’t Skip A Beat Eating Her Lettuce.

Nature at it’s finest right here.

GMG Wild Kingdom Channel may have to be a spin off, no?

Don’t Hurt ‘Em Hammer!


DSCF2973_2 DSCF0054

Many GMG regular readers are aware that our friend and fellow GMG contributor Fred Bodin has been hospitalized since late January. Fred has been diagnosed with cancer, is receiving treatment and is undergoing a rigorous course of physical therapy to help him regain mobility that has been impaired as a result of the disease. He is making slow but steady progress.

Fred’s business, Bodin Historic Photo on Main Street, Gloucester, has been closed since January. Running the gallery had been a one-person job, and that person was Fred. With no income coming in, bills have mounted up and, if this jewel of Main Street for more than 18 years is to remain, we must come to Fred’s aid now. Fred is doing his part by working hard at his rehab with every intention of resuming his usual place in the darkroom and behind the counter where he will again be a gracious host when it’s time to party and a good friend to all who walk through his door.

To help Fred deal with his mounting business and other expenses, we have established the “Friends of Fred Bodin Fund.” Please contribute as generously as possible. We need to help this vital member of our community through this difficult time and to say “thank you” for his warmth and friendship over the years.

Checks should be payable to “Friends of Fred Bodin Fund” and mailed to the Fund c/o Marty Luster, 6 Castle View Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930. Donations are not tax deductible.

With your help and with Fred’s determination, Bodin Historic Photo will be back in business soon.

Thank you for your generosity.


Marty Luster and Donna Ardizonni


Community Stuff 4/27/14

Pisces is turning 12 Sale

Hi Joey, I hope you survived the winter and are beginning to thaw out like the rest of us.. Finally!
Pisces is celebrating our 12th anniversary for 4 days starting May 1st – the 4th.
If you have space in your community section of your blog in the next few days, would you mind posting this link reminding our fellow Cape Ann friends of some of the bright and cheery spring things which can be found down on Main street 🙂
Thanks very much.
Annika Phenix


Rockport Art Annual Auction

Rockport Art Association
Annual Auction of Historic Art
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 2:00 PM

Nearly 200 Lots Featuring Works by Historic Cape Ann Artists

Visit our website for a photo catalog of all lots:

Auction Preview at the RAA: Wednesday, April 23rd – Saturday, May 3rd
Evening Preview Reception: Friday, May 2nd, 4-7 PM

Over the years, this major annual fundraiser has become a highly anticipated event. As a prestigious art auction, it attracts serious collectors throughout the country, as well as those just starting a collection.

Held in the Association’s Hibbard Gallery, the auction features works by masters of the Cape Ann School including Aldro T. Hibbard, Anthony Thieme, Harry A. Vincent, Emile Gruppé, W. Lester Stevens, Marguerite S. Pearson, Carl W. Peters, Antonio Cirino, Max Kuehne and numerous other renowned Cape Ann artists of the past such as Frederick Judd Waugh, Emma Fordyce MacRae, Childe Hassam, Aiden Lassell Ripley, Harrison Cady, Al Czerepak, Theresa Bernstein and many more.

The auction, now in it’s 29th year, began with a bequest by founding member Antonio Cirino (1889-1983). Cirino left his artwork to the association with the stipulation that the art be auctioned to help support the organization. The auction quickly evolved to include other historic Cape Ann artists, and has been the association’s major annual fundraising event ever since.

Join us at the RAA for our auction on May 3rd. Bidding is also available live online via or by submitting an absentee bid with the RAA in advance.

The Rockport Art Association, founded in 1921, is one of the oldest and most active art organizations in the country. The RAA offers an extensive calendar of programs throughout the year including exhibitions, classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and community outreach, and also maintains an impressive museum collection that represents a pictorial history of life and art on Cape Ann.

More Info: or call 978.546.6604

Images Attached:
Lot #155 – Aldro T. Hibbard – “Up the Valley,” 17 x 20.25 in., oil/board
Lot #151 – Frederick Judd Waugh – “Seascape,” 25.5 x 30.5 in., oil/board
Lot #136 – Emma Fordyce MacRae – “The Bathers – Cape Ann,” 25 x 30 in., oil/canvas
Lot #173 – Emile Gruppé – “Rockport Church,” 25 x 30 in., oil/canvas

blogpic (1)

The annual Gloucester Area Astronomy Club “Welcome to Amateur Astronomy Night” is coming up on Friday, May 9, from 8:00 to 9:30. This one will be a lot of fun.
In addition to the usual good things to eat and drink and great conversation, this month we’re focused on everyone who may have an interest in amateur astronomy but doesn’t know what to do about it. We’ll have all kinds of telescopes and equipment set up inside for you to look at, and we’ll explain everything you ever wanted to know about amateur astronomy and about the dark Cape Ann sky over your head.
It’ll be an exciting evening, featuring a series of speakers with ten-minute presentations on everything from “Why are we doing this” to “Yes, we’re made of stardust,” from “How different kinds of telescopes work” to “How to aim your telescope,” and much more.
There are no dues or fees: it doesn’t cost anything to come to a GAAC meeting. If you’ve ever wondered about astronomy, or even about what’s up there in our dark Cape Ann skies, this is for you. Last year this was one of our most popular meetings, so get there early!
The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets at 8:00 pm on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street in Lanesville. You can contact us or get more information on our website, . You can also visit our facebook page at , and we’re on twitter, @gaactweet