GMG FOB Marty Morgan Shares Her Welcome Spring Photo!

Thanks so much Marty for sharing your welcome spring photo–wonderful!!!

Marty writes,

Hi Kim,

My husband leaves the sliding seat from his rowing shell hanging under our back stairs. Some little bird decided it was the perfect place to build her nest.




Cape Ann Tv’s Lunch and Learn

Submitted by Rebecca ~

Thank you to those of you who attended CATV’s most recent “Lunch and Learn” presentation by Kevin Roy of Green Banana SEO. We hope you enjoyed learning about Search Engine Optimization along with us!

The presentation will be airing on Cape Ann TV’s Channel 12:

Saturday, April 12 at 10:00 p.m.

Sunday, April 13 at 1:00 p.m.

Here’s a clip: – The full video will be posted on our website soon:

You can view Green Banana’s Powerpoint presentation here: – You just have to enter some contact information to download.

CATV’s next “Lunch & Learn” event is scheduled for May, 8th at 12pm, featuring Steve Brettler, Principal of smallfish-design – a website design and development company that specializes in the unique needs of the small business owner and artist.

Steve will be presenting on WordPress: Creating a blog/website.

Seating will be limited for this event so please RSVP to ASAP!

Two Great Openings

MHS spring art show opening

The Opening Reception for the Magnolia Historical Society Spring Art Show and Sale last evening was a great event with a tremendous turnout, amazing art, great food, in a wonderful space.  If you didn’t get there last night or today, you can still make it over tomorrow from noon to 4:00 – 46 Magnolia Ave.

sailor stans opening

Another great opening was this morning’s opening of Sailor Stan’s Restaurant at 1 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck.  Stan’s will be open weekend from 7:30 until noon, with more open days as weather and season dictates.  Stop by for breakfast tomorrow – let Sue serve you with a smile after Karen and Wayne create something great for you – and then head over to Magnolia to see the Spring Art Show.

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? (Bandstand Weathervane)

Every year the Rotary Club spends a day scraping, painting, cleaning and landscaping around the Anthony Gentile Bandstand to ready it for the tourist and wedding seasons as well as the summer concert series. One of Greg Bover’s jobs as the club member most comfortable with working up high is to go up on the roof to the cupola to spruce it up and change the light bulb.  He learned to do this job from the late Herb Goodick, and remembers his dedication to citizenship, “service above self” and his deep love of Gloucester every time he climbs up there.

A few years ago Greg noticed that the cool one-of-a-kind weathervane with its two homies was not turning and took it down for repairs. Only then after cleaning it did he realize that it was a memorial to Yvette Suzanne York.  She was a young woman who died of leukemia some years back, and her family gave this nicely conceived piece of work for this windy spot.

The copper birds both have inlaid glass eyes and the lighthouse has a little mirror where the light would be, it shines out if you see it from just the right angle.  Greg would love to know who made it, if anyone knows.

It has now been greased and is ready for another year’s service.

This is an update to this post I wrote in May 2012.  Following is the story by Linda York-Robbins, Yvette’s mother, who desiged the weathervane that Greg was repairing:

Continue reading “Did You Know? (Bandstand Weathervane)”

Bill Rants About No Trash Cans On The Beach

Hi Joey,
Just got back from California and I was so jealous of the trash free beaches, beaches that continue for hundreds of miles and are open to the public year round!!!  What a concept, trash cans on a beach!  Obviously the trash cans create good behavior, unlike having no trash cans, like our trash infested beaches in Gloucester.  This is coming from California, a state that is nearly bankrupt!  Trash cans every twenty yards and the town employees in place to pick them up.  Daily!!!  Wow, there was even fire pits scattered all over to encourage eating and drinking on the beach.  Not alcohol though, because it’s not allowed.  Maybe that’s the answer, no alcohol allowed on the beach would also help with the litter bugs from being little piggies.  Yes it costs money, who cares!  Spend my tax money on something besides EBT Cards and sex changes for convicted murderers.  Where are our local and State officials to champion this effort to clean up these beautiful natural resources we call our local beaches?  I am constantly amazed that no one cares.  Enjoy your summer!

photo 1photo 2

Smokey Chipotle Alfredo with Grilled Tequila Chicken





IMG_7726Smokey Chipotle Alfredo with Grilled Tequila Chicken…Great dish to serve on this  beautiful spring day!

For recipe photos and  Step-by-Step details click see more… Continue reading “Smokey Chipotle Alfredo with Grilled Tequila Chicken”

Finally….. Katrinas

I’ve been dying to get into Katrina’s ever since it opened.  Finally I had the chance and it was fantastic.

I have to admit I was skeptical before it opened after the space had failed with previous management and in a location where it has to compete with many well capitalized established restaurants surrounding it’s location.  But once stepping through the doors and feasting on the dĂ©cor and food you will undoubtedly walk away pleased that you went.

They’re doing everything right.

Check it out, right across from Minglewood Tavern.

Gloucester’s Style Mavens The Gloucester Housewives Give It The Thumbs Up (and really do you need to know anything more after that?)

Community Stuff 4/12/14

CAAA Header

Would you pass by an abandoned, days-old kitten left in a dumpster?

Would you ignore a homeless and pregnant dog looking to you for help?

Of course not!You’d do what you could to save these helpless and innocent creatures. Here at Cape Ann Animal Aid, we feel the same way.

Springtime is a season for growth, new beginnings, and in the animal kingdom…new life. This spring, we will meet many pregnant and newborn animals that will need help to stay warm and full, be healthy, and thrive. Your gift today will help animals like these.


Your donation will help animals in need like Gizmo and Rocket…

Gizmo Rocket

Learn more about Gizmo and Rocket

Your donation will ensure that every animal we care for is comfortable, healthy, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Your gift of any size is your answer to the plea from dogs and cats looking for compassion and care this spring.


Vessel Phyllis A fished from Gloucester for 75 years

[Gloucester, MA * March 31, 2014]––Gloucester’s oldest fishing vessel is entering its next stage of restoration, and some folks are planning a big party to celebrate.

     On Sunday, April 13th at 6:30pm, at the Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester, The Phyllis A. Marine Association (PAMA) launches their fundraising campaign, via the online platform Indiegogo. The party is free to the public and will feature light refreshments and a fishing-related video-and-slide show.

     “We are passionately dedicated to restoring this historic vessel,” said Doug Parsons, President of PAMA, “the Phyllis A is an irreplaceable representation of an important era in Gloucester’s 400-year fishing history.”

Built in 1925, the Phyllis A is a 58’ gillnet fishing vessel. For 75 years, she was owned, operated, and maintained by the Arnold family of Gloucester. Many Gloucester fishermen got their start aboard her.

“She was my home since I was 10 years old,” reminisced Richard Arnold, former Captain, referring to his first fishing trip. “She has always been part of my family. Lois [Richard’s wife] would say she still is.” Captain Arnold will be at the party to enlighten guests with his wonderful stories.

Albert Arnold was one of a group of men, known locally as the “Michigan Bears,” who brought gill-net fishing from the Great Lakes to Gloucester. In 2000, the Phyllis A was likely the oldest working fishing vessel in New England. Alvin Arnold, then 90, remembered the day he and his father went to Kennebunkport to take delivery. He, along with his two living brothers and sister, Phyllis, hoped to see the Phyllis A preserved as an example of their way of making a living from the sea, so future generations may learn from her.

The Phyllis A. Marine Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in 2006, topromote the history of gillnetting in Gloucester, Massachusetts through the display and preservation of the fishing vessel Phyllis A.
     PAMA is setting out to raise $20,000 via Indiegogo and direct, tax-deductible donations to their 501(c)3. This stage of funding aids in completing the stern restoration, currently underway. 2015 will see the restoration of the bow, the fo’c’sle, and returning the boat to its mid-1900’s configuration. While restoration continues, PAMA is developing educational programs and participating in various harbor activities, ultimately fulfilling the Arnold children’s vision.
     “We look forward to seeing many people on April 13th, and discussing our exciting plans,” added Parsons.
     To help PAMA, in their effort to revive a part of Gloucester’s fishing history, visit their website at for more information.

Hello Joey!

I hope this message finds you well, attached I have included a press release about the Magnolia Historical Society’s upcoming Spring Art Show this weekend at the Little Red Schoolhouse, Blynman School at 46 Magnolia Avenue in Magnolia, all the details are attached.

Thank you for your wonderful news service, any questions just email or call.  Again, much appreciated, Cathie Hull, Treasurer, Magnolia Historical Society, 46 Magnolia Avenue, Magnolia MA 01930


Hello Joey and what a wonderful morning it is. Spring has sprung. I was hoping that we can do something for Earth Day again. It is April 26th 9-12 at Stage Fort Park again. Bring fresh fruits and veggies for the Food Pantry and this year we have received free pansies from Wolf Hill so every child will get a pansy, Fantastic huh. Anyway April 19th. is Sidewalk Sweeping Day look for ads from the Building Center. Anyway figured that we could do a video if you have the time. Also I am not receiving your blog from the 4th on what’s up? Any who, thanks and have a great day. Oh Clean City Initiative has a Facebook page now, fantastic!     Patti Amaral  Clean City Initiative/”Light Up Mattos”



Hi Joey:

What a beautiful day today!

Please post this Opening Reception for our new Show on Saturday, hope you can come and have a glass of wine  – you might want to add:

Phyllis Feld and Charleen Onanian, Gloucester artists among the 14 award winning artists in the co-op.

Thanks for  ALL that you do,

Alison Rowell

Haskell Street, Gl.

Central Street Gallery

currently on display at the gallery

 Touch the heart with art: A new show @ central

We invite you to stop by to see our new
Spring Show…and perhaps win a painting!
Reception: Sat., April 12, 5 – 8pm
Show starts Friday, April 11 and runs through June 6.

Win a beautiful painting from one of our talented artists as part of our season celebration. The painting, “Plum Island Moon” has been donated by Linda Jo Nielsen a long standing member of the gallery.

Alison Rowell | Gallery Director
Central Street Gallery
11 Central Street,Manchester-by-the-Sea
tel: 978 526-7650

Addison Gilbert Hospital’s “Senior Supper Club” May 13

Addison Gilbert Hospital “Senior Supper Club” is available to Rockport and Gloucester seniors 65 years of age or older.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month through October at 4:30 p.m. The next dinner will be held on

May 13th at Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street, Gloucester.    A hot nutritious complimentary dinner will be provided by the Cafe at Addison Gilbert Hospital followed by a speaker.

Gloucester seniors are asked to contact Lucy Sheehan, Director, Rose Baker Senior Center at 978 281-9765, extension 22. Rockport seniors are asked to contact Diane Bertolino, Director, Rockport Senor Center at 978-546-257. Seating is limited.

At the May 13th program, Shirley Conway, RN, Director, Geriatric Initiatives Lahey Health and Management, Senior Adult Unit, Addison Gilbert Hospital, will speak on “Caring for Hospitalized Elders.”

This program is hosted by Addison Gilbert Hospital and Unidine, in partnership with the Gloucester Police Department and the Rockport and Gloucester Senior Centers.

After a long, hard winter, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
“Leading Ladies” – A Comedy by Ken Ludwig / ‘English girls are a whole ‘nother thing.’ Fri. 4/11 and Sat. 4/12 & 8 pm, Sun 4/13 @ 3 pm. At the Gloucester Stage.

Register today for our fun and educational April vacation week programs!  Click below for full info and registration.      


PreK – 1st Grade, 10:30-11:30, Parents/Guardians Required, $10 for non-members, $7 for members

Monday, April 21: Brilliant Bubbles

Is it possible to make a square bubble?  What about a giant bubble, large enough to stand in?  Throughout this fun and interactive program, children will create a variety of bubbles in different shapes and colors.  They’ll make their own bubble paintings to take home, and we’ll learn about how certain aquatic creatures use bubbles to help them survive.

Wednesday, April 23: Stick Puppets Aquariums

Create your own felt aquarium!  Children will learn about marine environments as they make an ocean backdrop full of sand and seaweed.  Afterwards, we’ll add our own sea creature stick puppets as we learn about the amazing marine animals from Massachusetts and beyond.                           

Friday, April 25: Seahorses and Seadragons

Is a seahorse is a fish?  How does a seadragon hide?  What seahorse-like creature lives in Gloucester Harbor?  We’ll learn all about seahorses and their relatives as we create our own colorful seahorses and leafy seadragons.  Through the story Mister Seahorse, we’ll learn all about camouflaged creatures.

2nd-5th Grade, 1:00-3:00 Drop-Off Programs, $15 for non-members, $10 for members 

Monday, April 21: Sandcastle Sculptures

Sandcastles are always fun to build, but they disappear with the change of the tide.  During this fun activity, you can make a permanent sandcastle without even going to the beach!  Using a unique sand mixture, we’ll build permanent sandcastles and other permanent sand sculptures.  Children will add shells and other decorations, and can even take their sandcastles home!

Wednesday, April 23: Frozen Crystals

Do you want to build a snowflake?  With salt and ice, we’ll create a variety of ice sculptures using colorful frozen shapes!  Through various experiments, we’ll also explore how crystal structures form.  We’ll also make a special salt crystal mixture so children can grow their own crystal snowflakes at home. 

Friday, April 25: Build It and Break It

What’s the biggest structure you can build using toothpicks and styrofoam?  Can you construct a sturdy fort from newspaper?  What’s the heaviest thing a bendy straw structure can support?  Using a variety of materials, we’ll build and test (and inevitably break!) several types of structures during this fun engineering program! 

Addison Gilbert Hospital Job Fair

Tuesday April 15, 2014
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Longan Room (located inside the Washington Street entrance)
298 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Per-diem, Part-time and Full-time positions available at Addison Gilbert Hospital

Positions Include:

Clinical Associates
Nurse Practitioner
Housekeeping-Service Associates
Access Representative
Medical Assistant
Security-Per Diem
Food Service Workers

For a complete listing of open positions please visit our website:

Hi Joey
Could you please alert people that there is a public hearing, on April 22 at the City Hall, regarding dogs on the beach, during the winter
We dog owners have had the privilege of exercising our dogs on the beach for more than 10 years.
There is a proposal to severely restrict the off leash time at the beach in the off-season. I am urging dog owners to write a letter to the city clerk or plan to attend the public hearing on April 22.
  Thanks Bob
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Robert G McKown

hief of Police Leonard Campanello and Lt. John McCarthy speak at

   Addison Gilbert Hospital’s Senior Supper Club

Senior Supper

Cindy Cafasso Donaldson greet (L) Lt. John McCarthy and Chief of Police Leonard Campanello, Gloucester Police Department, who spoke at the Addison Gilbert Hospital’s Senior Supper on April 8th.   Both Lt. McCarthy and Chief Campanello spoke about a variety of  programs within the Gloucester Police Department and programs that citizens may become involved in.

The Senior Supper program is hosted by Addison Gilbert Hospital and Unidine, in partnership with the Gloucester Police Department and the Rockport and Gloucester Senior Centers.  The program is available to Rockport and Gloucester seniors 65 years of age or older.

The next dinner will be held on May 13th at Addison Gilbert Hospital.   A hot nutritious complimentary dinner is provided by the Cafe at Addison Gilbert Hospital followed by a speaker. Speaker on May 13th will be

Shirley Conway, RN, Director, Geriatric Initiatives Lahey Health and Management, Senior Adult Unit, Addison Gilbert Hospital, will speak on “Caring for Hospitalized Elders.”

To register for the May 13th dinner, Gloucester seniors are asked to contact Lucy Sheehan, Director, Rose Baker Senior Center at 978 281-9765, extension 22. Rockport seniors are asked to contact Diane Bertolino, Director, Rockport Senor Center at 978-546-2573.

GMG FOB Pat Morss Submits Monarch Photos from 1999

Thanks so much for sharing Pat!

Pat writes, “My wife and I have been following the postings about the challenges to monarch butterflies migrating from Eastern Point ( and elsewhere) to Mexico. We visited the El Rosario Sanctuary in the hills west of Mexico City in 1999 before the current reduction in population. Attached are a few photos from that trip:” 3-47 Mexico 1999, El Rosario Santuary, monarch butterflies 3-43 Mexico 1999, El Rosario Sanctuary, monarch butterflies, Jeannette3-55 Mexico 1999, El Rosario Sanctuary, monarch butterflies3-41 Mexico 1999, El Rosario Sanctuary, monarch butterflies