Fiesta Video from 2010-2011

Hi, I’m a big fan of your blog and I thought you might be interested in possibly sharing this short 8mm film that my husband made about St. Peter’s Fiesta with your readers.
I’m a native of the North Shore (my family is from Gloucester) but my husband, Matthew, is from New Hampshire. I brought him to the fiesta and to Gloucester for the first time around 2007 and he instantly fell in love with both. We go to the fiesta every year now and visit Gloucester as often as possible.
He shot the footage for this video at the 2010 and 2011 St. Peter’s Fiesta. He also composed and performed the music (he played guitar and his friend played the violin part). Here’s a link to the video on youtube:

Hope you like it! Thanks for your time!
– Rebecca Brooks

Downtown Magnolia News From The 525 Including Opening Date! (Former Space OfThe Patio)

Thank you, Joey! 
Here’s our mission statement: 

Downtown Magnolia is undergoing a revitalization. At the heart of this transformation, is a gathering spot that will bring people together. Owner/Developer Eric Loiacano has partnered with the Serenitee Restaurant Group to build a restaurant that will serve as that meeting place for the community. 
Appropriately named 525, the restaurant’s neighbors may be the only ones to get the connection reference, but everyone is going to love the food! 525 will feature creative tavern fare with New England staples, served in a comfortable setting. The bar will boast great cocktails, wines by the glass and ice cold beers. With plenty of outdoor seating available, 525 will be the perfect après beach destination this summer.  
525 will be opening on Thursday, May 8th 

Big Brother???

I’ve asked this question before, but never on GMG.  I have yet to get an answer.

Can anyone out there tell me what these things are???  They look like polaroid pictures. Speed checkers, car counters, solar gizmos, mere reflectors???   Big Brother seems to be watching for something, I guess.  

I used to notice one random one on a rock…somewhere near Exit 15 heading North on 128 in Manchester.  That damn thing wouldn’t budge.  It stood there through rain, snow, wind…you name it.  It kind of looked like an old iPod glued to a rock.  I became a bit obsessed with checking to see if it was still standing day after day.  It always was.  Sooner or later, I started to notice them everywhere. Some are bright blue….some are black or grey.  They are on street signs, on the medium strips, on guard rails….everywhere!  For some reason, I only really notice them going to and from work in Beverly, but I did notice a bunch near Gillette Stadium in the fall while stuck in traffic leaving a Patriots game.  With so many of them now, my love affair with the first lonely one on the rock has diminished.  I keep forgetting to check if it is still there.  I’m sure it is.

Ummm, and, for the record, before Joey goes all crazy-ass LMGTFY on me.  I have tried “Googling” it several different ways and haven’t had any luck!

IMG_4891 IMG_4903 IMG_4906 IMG_4917 IMG_4918


Sista’s Helpful Tips


 “Wild Italian Origano”…a must in every pantry!


One hasn’t truly tasted “Oregano,” until they have tasted “Wild Italian Origano!” The flavor, of “Wild Italian Origano”, has a more pungent oregano flavor then any other dried oregano on the market, that I have tasted.  Trust me on this one… without fail this oregano brings the flavors in my recopies to a higher level  every time I use it. After testing the difference between “regular Oregano” and this aromatic “Wild Italian Origano” I immediately became hooked.  I only use fresh or dried “Wild Italian Origano” when preparing dishes in my kitchen!

Use up your supply of  average tasting oregano…


…and  making a special trip Joe Pace & Sons in Saugus Ma. to purchase this flavorful dried herb. The “Wild Italian Origano” is sold in bunches,  for $4.99.

For Step-by-Step Directions and photos to store dried “Wild Italian Origano” click see more Continue reading “Sista’s Helpful Tips”

1961 Edward Hopper interview-Check it!

Cat Ryan submits-

2 minute mini video combining vintage 1961 Edward Hopper interview with paintings evolving from related drawings. Created for the exhibition: Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process now at the Walker Art Center, last year at the Whitney.

The Walker Art Center video features clips from 1961 interview by Brian O’Doherty, excerpt from Invitation to Art III: #32 Conversation with Edward Hopper, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, footage courtesy Thirteen Productions, LLC, WNET NY and WGBH-TV Boston

Thursday April 3rd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast….
Thu N winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.
Thu Night NE winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Thursday beauty plenty of Sunshine 45-50°degrees … Light North to North East winds 10-15mph .. Possible Sea-breeze at the shore cooling temps down into the lower 40’s… Thursday Night a few clouds lows in the 30’s with light North East winds 5-10mph…

Hourly Forecast ….




Community Stuff 4/3/14

Gloucester Stroke Club meeting Thursday, April 3rd, 2 pm. Addison Gilbert Hospital, Babson Women’s Health
Conference Room, Washington St. entrance. For handicapped access, please use Fisher Lobby entrance to elevator.

Loss, Grief, and Healing Seminar presented by Dr. Jonathan Inz, guest speaker.

We will be honoring the memory of our deceased leader Cynthia Asaro. Also memories of former deceased members: Betty Lafata, Patricia Aiello, Charles Cognato, Manuel Garcia, Leo Downey, Donald Sutherland, Josephine Salah, Russell Asaro, Leonard Bolonsky, Sonny Favaloro, Lois Lattof, Sophie Bogyo, Leslie Lane and Vincent Pizzamenti.
Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Dr. Joathan Inz is a Licensed Psychologist with 24 years research and clinical experience working in the area of behavior medicine and medical psychology. He had been an Instructor in Psychology within Harvard Medical School at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is founder and director of the Medical Psychology Center in Beverly, Mass.
He previously directed the Outpatient Psychiatry Service at Beverly Hospital.

There is no fee or pre-registration. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments. For more information about the support group please contact Virginia McKinnon, LSW 978-283-3968 or email