Big Brother???

I’ve asked this question before, but never on GMG.  I have yet to get an answer.

Can anyone out there tell me what these things are???  They look like polaroid pictures. Speed checkers, car counters, solar gizmos, mere reflectors???   Big Brother seems to be watching for something, I guess.  

I used to notice one random one on a rock…somewhere near Exit 15 heading North on 128 in Manchester.  That damn thing wouldn’t budge.  It stood there through rain, snow, wind…you name it.  It kind of looked like an old iPod glued to a rock.  I became a bit obsessed with checking to see if it was still standing day after day.  It always was.  Sooner or later, I started to notice them everywhere. Some are bright blue….some are black or grey.  They are on street signs, on the medium strips, on guard rails….everywhere!  For some reason, I only really notice them going to and from work in Beverly, but I did notice a bunch near Gillette Stadium in the fall while stuck in traffic leaving a Patriots game.  With so many of them now, my love affair with the first lonely one on the rock has diminished.  I keep forgetting to check if it is still there.  I’m sure it is.

Ummm, and, for the record, before Joey goes all crazy-ass LMGTFY on me.  I have tried “Googling” it several different ways and haven’t had any luck!

IMG_4891 IMG_4903 IMG_4906 IMG_4917 IMG_4918


10 thoughts on “Big Brother???

  1. Lol, thank you Nicole!!! Yes I always see that one on the rock going north on 128. “What is that!!” Looks like a toy someone put there just to mess with us. I would love to hear about this!


  2. I found the following on Google: A blue rectangle on a power pole means there’s a fire hydrant up ahead. A square means it’s back behind you. I’m guessing these make it easier for the fire brigade to find a hydrant (especially at night) when they need it.


    1. see now…that’s fascinating. I would have never guessed that! Makes total sense though! Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. Don’t forget the rocks on 128 tend to have a red or pink tone, unbeknownst to me who does not see colors well. But my son Dave (who astounds me) said that these rocks are found in Africa and the shifting of plates have separated that bit of rockery.


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