Gotta Respect This Big Time Power Move From Bob Whynott

Rockin That T-shirt Like A Boss!
Nobody Pulls Off The My Name In Bold Letters On The Front Of My T-shirt Look Like Bob Whynott, NOBODY!!!!


3 thoughts on “Gotta Respect This Big Time Power Move From Bob Whynott

  1. I know nothing about Gloucester politics (and hope to remain ignorant) but with a name like Whynott he would get my vote. Do we all remember Dick Swett the politician from New Hampshire? How could anyone not vote for Dick Swett? Did he put “Richard Swett” on his lawn posters? No he did not. Whynott? Because he wanted to get elected. New Hampshire voters rewarded Dick Swett many times. You gonna vote for Talcum Powder instead?
    Fun Fact: When I coached girl’s soccer I coached against Dale Arnold of WEEI but my most famous opponent was Michael Hunt. I have the emails to prove it. He went by “Michael”. Some people just don’t get it. (For the record I never ever yelled out an inquiry about the whereabouts of the other coach.)


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