Meet The Coywolf on PBS

So if you match up the pictures of the dead animal I found on Moorland Road back in 2010- it looks just like these are in fact Coywolves or Eastern Coyote that we have around here-

Gloucester At Dawn Poor Dead Coyote On Moorland Road 4:50AM 5/22/10

Posted on May 22, 2010 by 

This poor coyote must have gotten hit by a vehicle within the past few hours as the blood was still vibrant red.

RIP Mr Coyote.  Hope your life on the island was a good one.

There must have been quite an impact to make his eye bug out like that on one side of his head.
I wonder if this is the same coyote I came face to face with on the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge in these pictures back on July 5th,2008-


6 thoughts on “Meet The Coywolf on PBS

  1. On Eastern Point I’ve seen coyotes three or four times over the last couple of years who looked bigger and grayer than coyotes in the past around here. One stepped out last summer in our side yard and he looked like a wildlife poster, big, broad-chested, with coloring more like a wolf or German Shepherd, and an air of confidence, a kind of swagger I don’t associate with coyotes of an earlier type. In snow, there are all kinds of tracks leading to our study in the woods. It would be interesting to know what the coyote world of the Backshore and East Gloucester looks like. Maybe more reports and sightings will help us figure it out.


    1. If you watched the videos you could see that they were talking about the difference between coyotes and coywolves. There is an ongoing debate whether what we have around here were coyotes or coywolves. So those pictures show exactly up close what we have around here. Notice the larger heads which in the video they say is from the wolf part of the genetics?

      that was the reason for posting them.


  2. The words that were with this article were showing respect and informational as there has been a marked increase in contacts…Hybrid mix much bigger…Animals are killed on our highways and roads daily hard for some to view yes…What I do as I usually have gloves available is pull them off the road when safe to do so not recommended on a freeway or interstate unless you have a very long view and lag time. Call game and fish or local animal control as wildlife left in roadways can cause accidents and bones may puncture tires. I have retrieve my own dog in front of house and brought him to the back field and buried him under a tree I planted with my brothers – we were all wet eyed and hurt…He lives on through the tree and share – shelter he offer’s birds and other wildlife part of the circle…


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