The Number Nines ~ I don’t think you will want to miss this one! All on a Wednesday night

the number nines 1

The band is sounding unbelievably good!! Number Nines is a super power group. A dreamy soulful psychedelic soup of sexy greatness!

Brian King

About “All You Need Is Myth” 

All You Need Is Myth

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Time7:30pm until 10:00pm
Tickets available here:


Have you ever heard anyone say “Rock & Roll is my religion,” or, “The Beatles are my Gods?” Authors Jade Sylvan and Steve Wagner decided to seriously consider such statements, and All You Need is Myth is their entertaining and illuminating response.

Sylvan and Wagner will be giving a live presentation as preview of their upcoming documentary, All You Need is Myth, at the Somerville Theatre on February 9, 2014, the evening of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ groundbreaking appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

All You Need is Myth offers a breakthrough perspective on the Beatles’ historic legacy, explaining how the onset of mass-media and and the spiritual thirst of the unprecedented 60s youth culture combined to produce a modern global rock mythology that continues to deepen and solidify with time.

The show on February 9 will be an immersive experience and dialogue that will include:

****Orchestration by The Number Nines, a one-night-only supergroup of Boston musicians, lead by 3rian King of What Time is it, Mr. Fox?, as well as Brendan Burns, Joe Cardoza, Chelsea Berry, Renee Dupuis, Dennis Monagle, and Meff.

****Original dance by three of the most innovative artists in the alterna-burlesque world, Mary Widow, Jane Doe, and Honey Pie.

****An exciting exploration of the Beatles’ deep mythic impact and wide-ranging cultural significance.

Utilizing over 200 visual images, audio recordings, and film clips, All You Need is Myth will bring to light the enduring spiritual resonance of the Beatles, showing how their legendary story contains archetypes, symbols, and narratives that parallel classic savior mythologies of the past while offering a new mythic vision for the modern age.

“Imagine Joseph Campbell did a study on the Beatles and Rock & Roll,” says Sylvan, “and you’ll have a pretty good idea of our show.”

Look! We’re part of Somerville Theatre’s Centennial programming!:

More information at:

Somerville Theatre
Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

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