Asian Pear Apple Pie

Asian Pear ©Kim Smith 2013 copyFor our mini-Thanksgiving dinner while daughter Liv was home, we added Asian pears to the mix of apples for our apple pies and it was a huge hit. A stop at a farm in Westport last week, where they were practically giving away the Asian pears, prompted me to make apple crisp, replacing apples with the Asian pears, and it was really, really good. I was a little afraid to add the Asian pears to the apple pies because my family loves their apple pie, but have no fear! Next time when making a batch of pies, and if Asian pears are as readily available (and not too pricey), I think I’ll add even more. For two pies, the ratio was 12 Granny Smiths, 12 Fuji apples, and 6 Asian pears.

Pie-making is time consuming; if and when you do have time, what is your favorite apple, or combination thereof, for pie-making?

Apples ©Kim Smith 2013.

Their are many varieties of Asian pear (Pyrus pyrifolia); the one most commonly sold in the United States is the color of a bosc pear, is crisp like an apple, but is also a little grainy like a pear. They are wonderfully delicious eaten out of hand, and as I am learning, for baking, too!800px-Pyrus_pyrifolia_var_culta2

Pyrus pyrifolia is native to Japan, China, and Korea and its many common names include Chinese pear, Korean pear, Japanese pear, Taiwan pear, sand pear, and apple pear. Asian pears are hardy through zone 5 and are easily grown in our climate.

Pyrus_pyrifolia_800flw1Asian pear flower and tree images courtesy Google image search

3 thoughts on “Asian Pear Apple Pie

  1. pie~pie~pie I bake pies. Yum. Summer time is a good time for an apple cherry pie. The cherries add a little zip to the mix and blends well with the must have vanilla ice cream. Anxious to try, in the next pie, Felicia tip for today ~ fresh ground Ceylon cinammon ~ I have found a spice and tea shop in Annapolis. My Aunt Tootsie made the best blueberry pie ~ we picked the blueberries at the seine fields ~ between brothers and cousins we made it home with just enough. Last Sunday I made a pumpkin pie, adding 1/4 cup ground toasted pecans and 1/4 cup ground ginger snaps to the bottom crust. Line the pie pan with the crust, pat the pecan and ginger snap mixture into the bottom crust, chil the prepared crust while mixing the pumpkin and spices. Then add the pumpkin mixture to the crust and bake. It was delish and added ~ as my father would say ~ that nutty flavor. Your apple pear pie sounds wonderful ~ adding a juicy sweetness ~ perfect time of year!


    1. Mary–your nutty gingersnap cookie layer to pumpkin pie (great idea), cherry-apple pie, and blueberry pies made from freshly picked blueberries–all sounds amazingly yummy and super delicious. Thank you for sharing!


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