Mary Russo Family

With thanks and much appreciation to Mary, Connie, Roy, and Onofrio Joseph for sharing their traditions and stories of celebrations past and present for the St. Joseph Day film project.

Mary Russo Family ©Kim Smith 2013

Left to right: Onofrio Joseph Russo, Connie Orlando, Mary Russo, and Roy Milone

7 thoughts on “Mary Russo Family

  1. What a beautiful interview we had with Mary and her family…. Kim and I were both very touched by how they graciously welcomed us into their home, and their willingness to share so many beautiful stories and photos of their many St. Joseph celebrations and preparation’s from over the years with us…At one point Kim had to stop filming because their memories of years past had brought me to tears literally…Thank you Mary, Connie, Roy and Joseph


      1. Thank you Onofrio–it was a joy to meet you, your mom, sister, and Uncle Roy. I loved too seeing the photos of your family’s beautiful altars from past St. Joseph celebrations. Thank you again for sharing your stories.


    1. We are so blessed in Gloucester to have these beautiful Italian traditions, still very much alive. The film project is meant to not only document, but to also help keep the traditions alive, so they don’t become only history. Each family’s participation in the project is so important, and that by sharing their stories, we hope will inspire the next generation to continue.


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