Ghost writer revealed, SXSW star visits Minglewood & 2 great songs about matches

OK, we admit it.  Vickie’s GMG posts are not always by Vickie.  Sometimes they’re by Peter.  This could be because Richard Gaines  once called us “interchangeable”.  Or it could be because we’re both insanely busy and sometimes she doesn’t have time to post.  Actually, sometimes we co-write the posts.  Anyhow, that’s why we’ve newly identified ourselves as team FOBs and you now see both of us in the photo.  So you can try to guess which one of us writes each post.  Just put your guess in the comments and maybe we’ll do something about it.

Let’s all thank Pete Lindberg for bringing Tristen to Minglewood last night.  Watch the video and you’ll  see why she is SOOOOO GOOD (see what SXSW says about her).  Also check out this video of her song Matchstick Murder. (No, Tristen, we’re not afraid).

Now, we can’t mention Pete Lindberg without reference to his great new song “I Won’t Pay for Matches” (Please correct me, Pete, if I got the title wrong).  Next time you see him, be sure to request it.  We’re all waiting patiently for him to record it (well not so patiently, really).

Before I went to Minglewood, I was at Shalin Liu for Greg & Francie’s spectacular presentation/concert.  No amps, no mics.  Just a harpsichord on stage in one of the most perfect acoustic settings on Earth.  I was in the back row and I could easily hear every nuance.  Beautiful!

All this on a Tuesday night!  There’s simply no way to see all the great music on Cape Ann.  You just have to choose.  See the full lineup here for some help with that.

And don’t forget the Herb Pomeroy tribute concert on Friday that benefits the Berklee/Gloucester Scholarship Fund.

2 thoughts on “Ghost writer revealed, SXSW star visits Minglewood & 2 great songs about matches

  1. Thank you both for all your hard work, reviews, promoting, and sharing of music. I’ve discovered a ton of local music through you. …That Tristen Video is cool :- )


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