Thankgiving Day Dunk

Hi Joey

This is the first year of our annual Thanksgiving Day dunk at Coffins Beach. Afterr dinner 6 of us decided to test the waters!

Charlie Erbafina


This brings us to The Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge.

Here’s our Pledge To plunge List-

Is your name on here?  If not comment on this post and I’ll add you to the list of plungers to join us!

Joey C
Donna Ardizzoni
Rick Moore
Ed Collard
Paul Morrison
Rick Paolillo
Melissa Cox
Dr. Ray Cahill
Colleen Apostolos-Marsh & Lotus Marsh
Lukas and Lasse Struppe
Owen, Henry, and Jon Hardy
Alexandra Rhinelander
Charles Du Deaubien Gaspien (or something like that)
Ericka Hyam

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