Disabled Student’s Laptop Returned!

Hi Joey, I’m THRILLED to report that the Gloucester High School student whose computer was taken last Friday now has his computer back! It was returned to the student’s mother on Monday night.

The student and his family send their gratitude to everyone who helped this story go "viral" all over Cape Ann, and especially to the Gloucester Police Department for helping to facilitate the return of the computer.

Within less than 24 hours from the time that GMG was first contacted, and also from the time that word was put out on Facebook, the family learned that the return of the computer would happen later in the day.

My incredible gratitude goes out to all of the amazing folks from Cape Ann and the wonderful business owners who helped to spread the story, especially to you, Joey, for posting this story and to all of your wonderful readers.

I’d like to send special thanks — more gratitude than there is language to express here — to some folks from Gloucester who posted on Facebook:

Her Honor Mayor Carolyn Kirk Pastor Anne Deneen from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Lanesville Jo-Ann Castano from ArtsGloucester and Castano Design Associates Henry Allen from The Cape Ann and Henry Allen TheaterWorks Brenda Malloy from Imagine Gallery on Rocky Neck Walt Kolenda from Auction Wally Kevin Doc Burgess from Amvets Post 32 and his posts on Facebook via Karma Surfers Annisquam Herb Farm, and Tracy O’Neil from O’Neil Fitness and Personal Training

I’d also like to extend gratitude to Julie Upton from ACI-Cape Ann and Anita Pandolfe Ruchman from A Tender Place: Body Mind Spirit Therapies, both of Rockport.

Because the story went viral in such a short time, there are many, many folks who helped to spread the word… readers of GMG,and folks whom I don’t know and can’t "see" on Facebook. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of those folks as well.

As reported yesterday in GMG,this student’s computer is a lifeline to him. Because of vision and learning problems, he would not be able to read or write without it.

As Walt Kolenda put it on Facebook, "Awesome job everyone." It took everyone’s efforts to help this student get his computer back. This is one of those stories that highlights how special our community is: everyone coming together to help one of our own.

Many many thanks…

Sincerely, Judith Ring


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