Both of Us, Alone


I thought I was alone, having wandered for about an hour

before the man and his dog slowly, but surprisingly,

came out from behind the large boulders at the eastern end

of the beach that looks over the Annisquam and that in summer

provides a good post for parents watching  their children .


As the dog loped off along the path in the dunes that leads

to the parking  lot, the man and I became the sole occupants

of this lovely, but in the cool autumn air, lonely place.

He didn’t notice me, or, in any event, acknowledge me.

I took his photograph as if to prove  I wasn’t alone.

3 thoughts on “Both of Us, Alone

  1. Hello Marty…..
    I love your poem! I’m currently poet laureate of Gloucester and am in the process of collecting poems from Gloucester neighborhoods……in hopes that we can have an event in which each poet reads his or her poem. It would be wonderful if you would consider joining us. Do you have other poems about Gloucester? I would love to hear from you!


  2. Thanks.
    This was shot with a Fuji x 100. I love the camera, but it is currently in for repair after 4,000 shots. From what I’ve read, the problem is probably sticking stutter blades causing intermittent over-exposures. It appears to be a pretty widespread problem that is just becoming apparent as this quite young model begins to experience significant usage . Fuji appears to be doing the right thing by replacing the lens assembly.


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