Ice Covered Trapper John Hits The Dock After A Frigid Day Lobstering

Next time you’re bitching about your office job just picture yourself encased in ice all day.





The Mast Completely Encapsulated


George and Steve Unload The Tanks




9 thoughts on “Ice Covered Trapper John Hits The Dock After A Frigid Day Lobstering

        1. No I didn’t get the GF1 although it sure is a beauty of a camera I just couldn’t see myself carrying it in my pocket and that is the litmus test for me as far as blogging goes. if I don’t have the camera on me it is 100% useless. I need to be able to capture the moment. For example when the Trapper John hit the dock last night it was 15 degrees. If the camera was up in the office I wouldn’t have been able to stop work, run up to the office and snap those photos. The camera happened to be in my pocket and the crew was still unloading the tanks so I was able to fire off about 20 shots before I had to get to work.

          I got a canon s95. The Canon s95 is much smaller in size to my last camera the Sony H-20. The Sony has a sensor size 1/2.3 that is much smaller than the GF1 (10.1 MP CCD sensor 1/1.63-inch) or the s95 (10 MP CCD sensor (1/1.7-inch).

          So the larger sensor allows for better low light performance in a camera that I can keep in my pocket unlike the micro four/thirds cameras which are all the rage right now and cost twice as much. of course the GF1 is much more flexible with the ability to strap on a ginormous zoom lens but again, I don’t have the luxury or want to lug around a case with multiple lenses. My camera has to be able to fit in my pocket to be able to come up with as much content as is needed to make GMG.

          Here is a review and comparison-
          Which One Should I Get?: Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX-5K
          both great cameras, but the deciding factor for me was the size.

          I am absolutely astounded that camera companies have not produced more large sensor compact cameras. I don’t know of one other than the s95 that has the combination of small camera size/large sensor size that it does.
          Loving it so far.
          The Faces of Ed Collard photos were taken with this camera as well


  1. Joey I know what that like. We use to come into New York all ice up like that when i went fishing on the Joseph Mattos. dont miss that part of fishing


  2. Sending mental snugly warm blankets and hot cocoas to you guys and a money tree with enough money so you don’t have to go out in crappy weather like that…


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