2010 Lobster Trap Tree Poll -Who Ya Got?

It’s that time of year.  The Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Has Been Constructed and Adorned With Buoys Hand Painted With Love and Special Messages Of Peace, Joy and Hope By The Children Of Gloucester.  And then there are the sterile generic boring trees erected by prisoners of the Maine criminal system who have been incarcerated for unspeakable crimes against the elderly and sick and destitute.

The Wonderful 2010 Gloucester lobster Trap Tree


The Crappy Generic Rockland Lobster Trap Tree

Lobster ports create Christmas trees _ from traps

The Ridiculously Disproportionate Beals Island Lobster Trap Tree-

Sources have indicated that The Maine Lobster Trap Trees Were Built By Bands Of People Let Out Of Jail For Crimes Such As Mugging Salvation Army Bell Ringers Outside Of Maine Strip Malls.  As Punishment These Convicts Were Forced To Erect Hideous Displays Of Unimaginative Lobster Trap Trees.

11 thoughts on “2010 Lobster Trap Tree Poll -Who Ya Got?

  1. I went down to see it last night and it is just gorgeous! It gets prettier every year.

    By the way let me congratulate you on the unbiased and absolutely impartial wording of the choices in your poll. It is obvious you put a great deal of time into making sure the wording was non-prejudicial.


  2. time to change the post to ” the children of Cape Ann” or perhaps “the children of the North Shore”—your friend, the Fabulous Lily has her ornament buoy front and almost center on the very festive lobster trap tree–and she is and always will be, from ESSEX! And I believe that your girls painted a few too………….GMG is nothing if not inclusive, right???

    And clearly, the Gloucester Lobster Trap tree is the BEST!


  3. No question, the Gloucester tree is fantastic! Best yet, and consructed with love and pride.
    Great job…….the hell with those folks from away – they don’t have a clue

    Merry Christmas everyone.


  4. I’d never seen a lobster trap Christmas tree before in my life – how lucky am I to move to the place where the most beautiful one resides. I saw the kids at Art Haven painting the buoys, so happily and intently focused on their projects, and what an amazing job they did – everyone did, on creating such a masterpiece.


  5. Just beautiful!
    David Brooks,
    You are a visionary and quintessential entrepreneur. You created Art Haven (just a few years ago) and now it feels like it’s been part of the community forever.
    Dawn Gadow, you have only added to Art Haven with your artistry, organizational skills, cheerful energy and professionalism (and kudos to David for recognizing your brilliance!).

    Art Haven is a tremendous gift to the community. Thank you!


  6. Art Haven Rocks!! What an amazing job they do. My sister inlaw Jill, AKA “the Mrs” & I took Snoop Mad, The Bean, Amanda Cakes, & Beezly, there on Sat. to paint buoys ! The kids had a blast!. We as adults did too!! Art Haven staff deserves many thanks!!! They were amazing with each & every child. Thank You, for the memories we made that day!!


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