GMG Pie Poll

Yesterday was a pie revelation to me.  I find out that Heather Fraelick makes pies out of roots.  Rhubarb is a root, right?


Rhubarb- A root, right?

And I discovered the key to making a pecan pie just the right sweetness at Author Jane Ward’s Food and Fiction Blog check here for her recipe

Author Jane Ward's Pecan Pie

It’s all about the pies baby!

These two FOBs (friends of the blog) have inspired the first annual Pie Poll.

*especially relevant around the holidays don’t you think?

Vote for your favorite type of pie-

Feel free to add in a pie that I may have missed on our poll and comment in the comment section of this post as to who makes or where you get your favorite pies.

20 thoughts on “GMG Pie Poll

  1. Rhubarb pie uses the leaf stem, not the root, for the pie. This is a tough poll because there are so many. This time of year would be the pumpkin and apple pie, in the middle of the summer the key lime and the banana cream pie move to the top.

    You forgot buttermilk pie but it’s only awesome south of the Mason Dixon line.


  2. I have an elderly neighbor that makes the best strawberry/rhubarb pies every year and since her family doesn’t like rhubarb, I get them all!! But really, is there any such thing as a bad pie? I love them all.


  3. I like my rhubarb without the strawberries. I also prefer it topped with a crumbled oatmeal single crust… I guess I really prefer rhubarb crisp. So that means I should have voted for peach…. This is confusing.


  4. Then there are the add-ons. Apple Pie needs something but do you put vanilla ice cream, a dab of whipped cream or a slice of cheese on your apple pie? I like my cheese in a sandwich with some ham and whipped cream is for pumpkin chiffon pie. Apple pie without vanilla ice cream is a hook with no bait.

    I love all pie but on Thanksgiving it was always pumpkin, apple, and mince meat pie. I never have made it to the mince meat.


  5. My favorite has always been either rhubarb (and I agree, leave the strawberries out of it) or blueberry, both made by my grandmother. Unfortunately, she never wrote down her pies or pie crust recipe and I haven’t found one which comes close yet. Every Sunday, she would have two fresh pies made and ready by the time I finished the Sunday paper route and I would get the first slice out of one of them. Funny thing is my dad and I would then visit my other grandparents across town and they always fed me ice cream. For the longest time, I never knew people put ice cream ON pie!


  6. Pumpkin! then my ~ apple pumpkin (juice from apple pie on top shelf
    in oven spilled down into the pumpkin ~ It was delicious ~ hard to duplicate ~ hugs and
    namaste, Carol


  7. My dad used to quote my Danish-born grandmother: “A pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.” Has anyone heard that saying before?


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