What does a $3.99 Lobster Roll look like?

via NYMAG Grubstreet

Song 7.2, the Korean pub that brought you the $5 bulgogi burger, has now introduced the $3.99 lobster roll.
And because Luke’s is doing such swift business down the block, they’re also selling a lobster roll for $3.99 and lobster bisque for $5. Extra lobster will cost you $1.50, and you’ll probably want to go that route — as you can see here, the regular roll comes on a small hot-dog bun that’s grilled on the flattop, and the paltry amount of lobster meat is drenched in wasabi mayo.

Is this the grossest thing you have ever seen? I am glad no one is trying shenanigans like this around here. There will always be super lame spins on the lobster roll, but this is Guinness book of world record LAME! Putting Chowder on a bun and calling it a roll should be punishable by law. Do people who sell this stuff eat food? Please stop the insanity!

As always Joey has the Mrs’s recipe that is a reference for greatness and read roll reviews from my summer trip to Maine.

10 thoughts on “What does a $3.99 Lobster Roll look like?

  1. Joey, I couldn’t agree with you more. There was a special on Chronicle a couple of weeks ago & they mentioned a place in Rockland, ME where people come from New York to to eat this owners lobster roll. Just like you said a while back, she said the same thing, Very little mayo, & leave it plain so you don’t take away from the taste of the lobster. It was on Rockland, Me. I plan on going there this coming year so I’ll have to find out where the place is located & try it.


  2. YES – YES , NO MSG PLEASE !!!!! Payson Arizona has lobsters for sale here in the local Walmart ( YES WALMART ) , The price is as of yesterday $14.22 per pound . wonder how many flier miles they got getting here ? I looked again and still don’t see the lobster in that roll …


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