Vote For Gloucester’s Conor Ressel Player Of The Year

Well we helped Laurie Lufkin win, now its time to go to bat for Gloucester Running Back Conor Ressel

Fox News is running this poll

from the site-

(FOX25, myfoxboston) – High school football season has come to an end and now it’s time to name our “Team Player of the Year”. We’ve selected ten players from Eastern Massachusetts, who appeared on FOX 25 this season, and shined above the rest on the High School Gridirion.

It’s now up to you to vote for who you think should be the 2009 High School Friday “Team Player of the Year.”

Click here to vote for Conor Ressel

You can vote once a day.  So Please Do.

Conor Ressel Pic From David Cox

10 thoughts on “Vote For Gloucester’s Conor Ressel Player Of The Year

  1. Just voted–Conor is behind in the votes so make sure to take literally 10 seconds to vote! And again, thank you all for your help when it was my turn! Laurie


  2. To move him into the top slot we need 1,500 votes. If you happen to be on a second computer the same day vote again. Or even if you move to another wireless hotspot, vote again. The code that has to be put in to keep the vote from being spammed is a little tough to read but just repeat until it goes through.

    400 people read this thread. If they all vote six times Conor wins. Completely legal. You know they are pounding the keys at Xaverian.


  3. –the Fox station says, ”…shined above the rest…” Conor’s running is better than their grammar.
    He is waaay behind in the voting; c’mon now folks!


  4. I am voting 2x a day & his number never increases … it is still at 7%. Also, its really difficult to post the vote … I am not feeling good about this poll.


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