Window Shopping in Rockport

The day after Santa the daughter and I were checking out Dock Square for leftover marshmallows, (none found), and stopped into Toad Hall. Overheard a conversation about “Dogtown: Death and Enchatment in a New England Ghost Town”. “It’s getting good reviews”, so decided to buy it for a Christmas present.

Two shots of art in the windows: If anyone still needs to get me something this glass lobster pot buoy would look nice in my front window. Maybe after I no longer have teenagers throwing footballs around.

The attack of the giant painter and giant baseball player made us laugh. Tired of giving the same old painted harbor scene or carved model of a sailboat? Get Grandma a giant house painter attacking the town. I forgot to write down the name of the store. This can be a modified “Whazzat?” First person to post the name of the store can buy me the glass buoy.

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