Former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett creates children’s books | Paul Solman PBS Newshour is a must watch great interview!

Paul Solman fantastic interview with charming, smart and inspiring Martellus Bennett-  Making Sense series: After the Game.

His brother Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett pops in. Seriously watch it! Great 8 minutes for all ages and families.

PBS Newshour Paul Solman interviews Martellus Bennett Making Sense After the Game aired Jan 2019
Link to interview aired January 31, 2019

“…Since his own retirement last year, Martellus Bennett has hurtled himself into his work at The Imagination Agency, producing an animated series, mobile apps and children’s books about A.J., a character based on his 4-year-old daughter, Austyn Jett Rose…” – Paul Solman PBS NewsHour Making Sense segment