Freaks of The Lobster and Crab World

 Here is a link to the full sized pics-

Freaks of the Lobster and Crab World full sized Pics 

10 thoughts on “Freaks of The Lobster and Crab World

  1. Very interesting, Joey. I wonder how much change in lobsters we’ll see with global warming, as the coral becomes more scarce.

    Hope you’re well.



  2. Thanks for the link in your comment on by blog. Interesting looking critters. Takes me back… I was a commercial diver when I was younger, and during one of my final years of diving, I spent a mighty cold season diving for scallops off the coast of Maine. I have to tell you, I think that there is every bit as much of interesting sites to see there in the cold water, what with the variety of lobster, crab, toad fish, wolf fish, mussels, etc., etc., as there is in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, where I spent most of my growing-up years.

    While I did see some evidence of deformities then, I don’t remember it being as extensive as your’ slide show would imply it is now.


  3. wow those pics are awesome – makes me think I should hang around our Bay of Fundy docks more! Musta been a slow news day in Canada this week if our 26 pound catch made the national news!


  4. Nightmares tonight! All I could think of was all that outdated and unused medication flushed down the toilets of hospitals and nursing homes, getting into our food supply…


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