Eagle with Prey Teaching Juvenile

We have been fortunate to come across this pair of eagles in the West Gloucester/Magnolia area. I feel pretty certain it is the same pair. The adult is sporting two bands so that’s a big clue. But I am feeling a little anxious about the other adult presumably part of this family since we haven’t seen a second adult yet. Anyhow, (thanks to a heads up from our landlord) we finally caught a pair hanging out on a dreary day recently. One was screeching quite loudly as we approached which is an amazing sound. As you will see, the adult took off with a branch as if for a nest.

The other photos are taken in West Gloucester a day or so later near the river. The adult seemed to be trying to teach the juvenile to hunt. It went out to the river, got a fish and brought it to shore. When the juvenile joined up, the adult wasn’t willing to share and landed in a tree very nearby where I was observing. You can see the prey in the eagle’s talons in this cropped image. Welcome back, my friends. Stay a while please. Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook has further details and images. Check it out and maybe give it a follow if you like what you see.

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