Gloucester Times Tuesday March 2, 1948 Our Grandfather Captain Joe Ciaramitaro and his crew are featured as one of two fishing draggers making big records.

Captain Joe and Sons Wholesale Lobster Company

Ron Gilson provided this copy

The largest gross stock and gross a st share made by a Gloucester fishing boat for several ycars, was that made yesterday by the local auxiliary fishing dragger Benjamin C., Capt. Joseph Ciaramitaro, 33 ycars, y Washington square, yesterday. The drag-ger arrived al Boston Fish Pier and sold her trip of 198,500 pounds of groundfish for $17,300. Each of the 12-man crew are reported to have re-reived a gross share of $733.

Another newsworthy note in the local fisheries, is that the Gloucester dragger. Pantrades Androssa’

“Capt. Walter Beatteay, lairaed here this morning, the largest fare of redfish ever landed anywhere, hailing for 250,000 pounds redfish and 20,000 pounds’ of other groundfish. The trip was sold to Gorton-Pew Fisheries Co. Ltd., and the craft should stock in the vicinity of $i2,000.

On the stellar trip, the Benjamin C., was gone only nine days on a…

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