Color Blocked Cows

I’ve never seen cows like these. I really wish it was a better photo. When I first passed by the field they were close to the road, but I couldn’t stop. On my way home I made a point to find a safe spot to pull over and watch them for a bit. They had moved to the back of the field. I love their three bold “stripes”….I’ll have to do some research as to what type of cow they are. Unless anyone of you know!

18 thoughts on “Color Blocked Cows

  1. The cows are Belted Galloways, an old Scottish breed raised for beef (not a dairy cow). Nickname is “the Oreo cookie cows”.


  2. These cows are called Dutch Belted Cattle, named for their country of origin, also
    known as Lakenvelder Cow. A Touch Of Dutch information… can see them on a farm in Boxford on Main St going to Andover.


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