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Join Us For The Stream Of The GloucesterCast 9:00AM Sunday 8/21/22

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Video: Do you eat the #lobster bodies, the liver, the tamale, suck the meat out of the legs? 

People assume because I handle so many lobsters that I hate eating them. Couldn’t be anything further from the truth. One of my favorite things to eat is a lobster roll prepared the right way. 🦞#lobstercompany #gloucesterma #gloucester

Guys and Dolls…and Dahlias! Summer Gardens Stacy Boulevard Gloucester, MA.

Go! Find your path and palette.

photo block: c. ryan (Gloucester Harbor, dahlias, summer gardens – Stacy Boulevard August 19, 2022. The dahlias were blooming strong in October 2021. Generous Gardeners’ devotions encourage repeat viewings no matter the month or season!)


West Coast Wildlife Adventures

We went for a ride in search of a nearby lighthouse (Cattle Point Lighthouse) and came across these eagles along the way. So pleased to be able to report I have now documented eagles on both coasts. On the path up to the lighthouse, we had a face to face with this fox. He’d been running off with an egg in its mouth (which you can see if you look closely) and then we ran into him further along the path. I assume it was the same one anyhow and he seemed to have little fear of us. He almost seemed to be asking us to follow him. I have never been that close to a fox! And he was the size of a medium dog, a healthy well fed dog/fox.

Sclafani’s Take On An Italian BLT-

It’s tomato season!! Today’s special is our take on an Italian “BLT” 🤤
Breaded eggplant, crispy pancetta , juicy heirloom tomatoes, native arugula, lemon aioli

We used the online ordering system to place our order and literally nothing could be easier to do, especially on a beach/boating weekend-

Here’s the link:

Hale Street Tavern For Lunch

I was on my shift at the Welcome Center at Stage Fort Park with FOB Susan and she mentioned she had an email from Serenitee for $10 off lunch at Hale Street Tavern that day. Lo and behold, I had the same email as well as an appetite so off we went to Hale Street Tavern in Beverly for lunch with some help from Serenitee. We had not been there since the “before-times” (pandemic) so the email offer was a timely reminder to give it a go. (PS: we’ve said it before, but the Serenitee membership is free and a NO BRAINER)

Jackie was our server, the restaurant was busy on this Thursday afternoon. Jim had shrimp chowder and a Cobb Salad. I had the Smokehouse Burger. The food was served quickly and was tasty and filling. We needed to speak with Jackie regarding one of the food items and the minor issue was resolved quickly and in a friendly manner. We noticed a couple at an adjacent table being VERY specific in their requests for changes to their food as listed in the menu and Jackie was gracious and accommodating with them as well.

Sometimes pleasant service such as this goes a long way toward customer satisfaction as it did for us on this day. We all are aware that businesses are struggling with getting supplies and employees so when an employee is especially responsive, it’s a huge bonus. Well done, Hale Street Tavern.

Gloucester Health Department Warns Community of Fox That Tested Positive For Rabies

The Gloucester Health Department urges anyone whose pet may have come into contact with this fox on or before Aug. 10 to contact Gloucester Animal Control. (Photo Courtesy City of Gloucester)

GLOUCESTER – Mayor Greg Verga and Health Director Mary Ellen Rose report that the Gloucester Health Department has been notified by the Massachusetts Public Health Department that a fox found in Gloucester tested positive for rabies. 

The fox that tested positive was found in the area of 86 Concord St., on Wednesday, Aug. 10. 

Rabies is a serious disease and immediate consultation with medical staff is needed after possible exposures. Any person who was bitten, scratched or who was exposed to the fox’s saliva has had a high-risk exposure.

Residents are urged to be cautious of wild animals while outdoors and when walking pets. You should never approach or try to pet an animal that is found outdoors. 

If you believe you or someone you know may have had contact with this fox, please contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at 617-983-6800 (available 24 hours), or your health care provider for a risk assessment. 

Following an exposure to rabies, disease can be prevented with prompt administration of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). 

PEP consists of both rabies immune globulin (RIG) and vaccine. RIG is administered once and helps provide immediate protection until the person responds to the vaccine by actively producing antibodies. The vaccine series consists of four shots with the first dose administered promptly after the exposure and then again 3, 7, and 14 days later. Persons with altered immunocompetence should receive an additional dose of vaccine on day 28.

If residents believe their pet may have had contact with the fox, please contact Gloucester Animal Control for more information at 978-281-9746