Tonight a special opening Set @ 8pm See Brandon & Sam till 8:30 at Minglewood Harborside Then the Jam is on! 8.15.2022

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If you were at The first Harbor Loop Concert you heard Brandon and Sam open for Millie and The Half Nelsons…


Tonight, before The Jam: Mondays at Minglewood Tavern with Dennis and Joe

Please come and check out Brandon and Sam! These young cats are the real deal!! They will be performing at 8pm, and we shall commence Open Jam at 8:30!

Come hang!

Dennis and Joe

Barn Along the Byway in Essex

The Barn Hairdressing Lounge is easily visible from the scenic byway route through Essex at 1 Main Street. More modern than most of the barns I am drawn to take photos of, it’s quite regal and handsome and has an impressive footprint. They do not appear to have a website, but their phone number is easily available using Google.