Hale Street Tavern For Lunch

I was on my shift at the Welcome Center at Stage Fort Park with FOB Susan and she mentioned she had an email from Serenitee for $10 off lunch at Hale Street Tavern that day. Lo and behold, I had the same email as well as an appetite so off we went to Hale Street Tavern in Beverly for lunch with some help from Serenitee. We had not been there since the “before-times” (pandemic) so the email offer was a timely reminder to give it a go. (PS: we’ve said it before, but the Serenitee membership is free and a NO BRAINER)

Jackie was our server, the restaurant was busy on this Thursday afternoon. Jim had shrimp chowder and a Cobb Salad. I had the Smokehouse Burger. The food was served quickly and was tasty and filling. We needed to speak with Jackie regarding one of the food items and the minor issue was resolved quickly and in a friendly manner. We noticed a couple at an adjacent table being VERY specific in their requests for changes to their food as listed in the menu and Jackie was gracious and accommodating with them as well.

Sometimes pleasant service such as this goes a long way toward customer satisfaction as it did for us on this day. We all are aware that businesses are struggling with getting supplies and employees so when an employee is especially responsive, it’s a huge bonus. Well done, Hale Street Tavern.

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