@CapeAnnMuseum: Prior to 1950 the only street access to Gloucester was the Blynman Bridge. The construction of the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge, spanning the width of the Annisquam River, connected Cape Ann to mainland Massachusetts like never before.

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City of Gloucester Announces Hiring of Two Key Administrators

GLOUCESTER – Mayor Greg Verga is pleased to announce the hiring of two new employees who will fill key roles within the city leadership.

David Fields has been hired as Community Development Director, while Mary Ellen Rose has been hired as Health Director.

David Fields

David Fields joins the City of Gloucester as Community Development Director. (Photo Courtesy City of Gloucester)
Fields comes to the City of Gloucester from the Town of Danvers, where he has served as Director of Planning and Economic Development since October 2018.
Fields holds bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and in Urban Studies from Worcester State University, and a master’s degree in City, Community, and Regional Planning from Boston University.
Upon graduation, Fields worked in roles of increasing responsibility, including Technical Planner and Geographic Information Systems Analyst for the Town of Arlington, and Planner in the Town of Lexington.
While in Danvers, Fields was responsible for a number of initiatives, including securing MassBio Gold level status, overseeing mixed-use rezoning, implementing bylaw changes, developing socio-economic trend reporting, and marketing Danvers to prospective businesses.
Fields started in his new role on Aug. 8
“I am looking forward to joining the City, and advancing the Administration’s vision of a more economically vital, accessible, and livable Gloucester,” Fields said.

Mary Ellen Rose

Mary Ellen Rose joins the City of Gloucester as Health Director. (Photo Courtesy City of Gloucester)
Rose is a native of Gloucester, and a graduate of the Gloucester High School Class of 1979. Rose holds a bachelor’s degree in Health/Physical Education and in Sociology from Southern Methodist University, and a master’s degree in Health Science/Recreation Administration from Baylor University. She earned her doctorate in Health Promotion/Education from American University.
Rose has worked as a consultant and independent contractor for more than 30 years. She has consulted for the U.S. Department of State and its Foreign Service Institute, and the Veterans Health Administration.
Rose has worked as a contractor for large hospital systems and private industry and with social service agencies. She also has worked as an instructor for more than 25 years in the Gloucester Public Schools and other comprehensive districts, at the community college level, and at American University, Baylor, and SMU.
She has authored or contributed to numerous papers, textbooks, professional journals, and curriculum resources, in the areas of health policies, research, and best practices. She holds numerous professional certifications.
“I am thrilled to be returning home to Gloucester,” Rose said. “I look forward to using my skill, knowledge, and experience to help the city that I’ve loved my entire life.”
She succeeds Director Max Schenk, who retired.
“The Board congratulates Max Schenk upon his retirement and wishes him many happy years ahead after leading the Health Department through the recent challenging times,” Board of Health Chair Joseph Rosa said. “After considerable efforts by the Search Committee, the Board is delighted that Mary Ellen Rose, Ph.D., has accepted the position of Director of the Health Department. Mary Ellen is very highly qualified and experienced having spent decades working for and with the federal government in health and wellness areas within departments ranging from Veterans Affairs to the Department of State.”

Rose began her new role on Aug. 15.
“I am happy to welcome David and Mary Ellen,” Mayor Verga said. “Their depth and breadth of experience will be a tremendous asset to our City and I look forward to working with them.”

Wine Tasting Approval System

Despite spending most of our adult lives in Central New York, we had not visited a winery in quite a while. We stopped at San Juan Vineyard mostly out of curiosity and nostalgia. It was a charming sight obviously ready for weddings and other events. The small tasting room offered a flight of 4 for our enjoyment. GMG Jimmy devised a brilliant system for ranking the wines which I thought you might enjoy and learn from. We did purchase a bottle of his first choice to share at some future event.

Video: @MichaelWarbur17: When Australian farmer Ben Jackson couldn’t attend his Aunt’s funeral in 2021 due to Covid restrictions, he laid out grain for his Sheep in the shape of a heart in order “that she could see it through the clouds”.

Dry Easterly Winds for Ardelle Sail

Friends visited from upstate New York and their agenda had been kind of a hectic agenda up to their stop in Gloucester. We thought a nice calm sail around the harbor aboard the Ardelle was just the ticket. It was a lovely day, the crew praising the dry easterly winds (which doesn’t sound so good, but apparently is). Harold Burnham himself accompanied us following his underwater inspection of the boat just prior to our departure. Capt Phil guided us around the shoreline for about 2 hours with a small number of other passengers. It was just perfectly peaceful and calm way for us to catch up and enjoy the beauties of our harbor and shore. Check it out soon before summer slams the door shut. Thank you Erin and Paul for giving us another excuse to spend some time on the water!

Do New Homes Need a Home Inspection?

Cape Ann Home

The image above is a new construction home with a leaking Air Handler (with an improper pan setup) that has overflowed and buckled the flooring from the utility closet to the bedroom.

About your home from Jameson at Another Level Home Inspection LLC

A common question I get from clients is “do new homes even need to be inspected?” While the North Shore and Cape Ann have less than some areas of new homes being built, there are plenty of people who purchase newer homes. Some clients don’t even consider having a newer home inspected and many don’t even consider what issues could be identified during an inspection on a newer home. When purchasing a new home there are numerous issues that you would see on most older homes you don’t have to worry about. In addition to this many builders offer a 1-year warranty (or something similar) which does…

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Magnolia Cribbage League

Cape Ann Community

Magnolia Cribbage League to Meet

The Magnolia Cribbage League will meet on Wednesday, September 7, 6pm in the Magnolia Library Center (1 Lexington Ave). This is an informal evening of cribbage games. The Magnolia Library Center requests a $25.00 donation from each player per quarter. Please come and sign up and discuss how this league will go forward. Contact Dot Sieradzki for details. (dotsieradzki@gmail.com or 978-835-2439)

Submitted by Dorothy Sieradzki
803 Summer St.
Manchester, MA

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