Have-a-Heart (Tuna) — patmorss

This week Gloucester hosted the annual 2-day Bluefin Blowout tuna fishing competition. We saw a couple of boats come in and here are some photos of one of the larger fish, caught on F/V Lugnut. I need to learn more about onboard techniques for protecting the quality of the meat of these overheated high metabolism fish after a hard fight.

One of the 66 contestants coming in by Eastern Point
Part of Cape Ann’s Marina, venue for the Bluefin Blowout
Ice was packed in this cavity onboard to cool the heart down after the battle
The heart continued to pump away blood and contaminants during the bleeding process, onboard
Back at the dock, dropping the heart out before weigh-in
Hoisting the tuna up, with the scale above the tail, for weigh-in
F/V Lugnut’s fish was in an upper tier at 580 pounds
Time for a celebratory cocktail. Top honors went to Gloucester’s Easy Scrapin’, at 688 pounds

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