Good Morning Glooucester! Joey?!?

Carin Macnamara here… we communicated way back in like 2011 with the photos of the “Lannon in the Rainbow”. This is totally unrelated. 

I’d like to share my captures of the Glossy Ibis or it may even be the White-faced Ibis as my photos show some white in the face area… and they are very difficult to tell apart especially during and slightly after breeding season as markings in plumage change.

These images were taken in Gloucester yesterday in the golden light of breaking dawn. Their rich orange- brownish breast plumage transitioned into and iridescence of blue and purple on the back and wings… kind of like the colors you find in an oil slick after a rain on a hot day. They were both beautiful and remarkably fast as they flocked and fed on tiny crabs. I have close up photos of the crabs in their bills too so let me know if you are interested in them.

Shot with Nikon Z9, 800mm 6.3.

You have my permission(s) to share and please feel free to post on your social media with credits: 

Photos Courtesy of C.MacImages/AdvancedImaging


Best Regards,

Carin Macnamara

Advanced Imaging

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