Some Concerned Citizens were offended enough by the Piping Plover meme hat design enough to protest to the Mayor, certain city councilors, the Superintendant of schools and principal so…

I’d like to thank them for spurring even more sales of the caps.

The charity is now up for grabs and if there is a worthy cause that could use the donation we’d be happy to send it their way since these well heeled folks have deemed that they don’t need our donation. Seeing as they have plenty of dough I’m sure they will come up with a much more sizable donation for the Greg Swinson fitness room to benefit GHS athletes.

It’s nice to know that these people don’t have anything better to protest than a silly piping plover meme but these are the times we live in.

My response:

Buy a cap if you have a smidgen of a sense of humor and can’t stand this elitist bullshit.

Have a nice day and oh by the way, I’m bumping up the percentage of the proceeds from 5% to 20%.

With all the money these elitists have rolling around they should be able to bury my donation.

Win for the fitness room and win for whatever other charity wants to claim it

Have a nice day.


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