A message from Meat and Sweet Foods At 23 East Main St

23 East Main St

Gloucester Ma

Can you post this? And when can we come on the show?

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out yesterday (and the previous 3 Saturdays) to support our
“Meat and Sweet Foods BBQ Saturday”.
We open at 10am
We sold out well before 2PM
We make 48 racks of ribs each Saturday. They sold-out by 11:15am.
I also smoke 6 briskets, 8 pork butts, 50 lbs of chicken. I have over 20 years bbq experience, but all only 1 man.
I am a solo Pitmaster and work 3 smokers for 24 to prepare each week.
When we sell out, we sell out.
I am so appreciative of the support we received so far. It has been amazing.
See you Saturday, but get there early!
Keep Smokin’

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