Sebastian Junger’s Words Resonate

As pictures of the May 13 Sebastian Junger Gloucester 400 event had already been posted, I originally decided to refrain from commenting on the event (thanks for the photos, Scottie!). But then, life intervened in the form of disheartening and heartbreaking news relating (in part) to crimes of hatred and COVID numbers. And I began to reflect back on the words spoken by Mr. Junger and the emotional impact it had on me at the time began to resonate in an even bigger way. He spoke to the importance of human dignity and the fragility of life. These themes hit me right in the heart and then hit again even harder a few days later as I learned of the shootings in Buffalo. Human dignity is essential and life is far too fragile to waste time. Thank you Mr. Junger for the powerful reminder. I am very happy I was able to attend and congratulations to the Gloucester 400 for a great event. (PS May I suggest seeking Sian Heder’s return to Gloucester for a similar event? I expect that’s already been considered ……)

Mary Ann Shatford with a gift from her family for Mr. Junger

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