If you have wings, you’re doing fine — pat morss

This seems to be the bird edition. More Feathers than Fur around recently.

White-breasted Nuthatch enjoying dinner at our rustic cafe
Downy Woodpecker literally scampering up and down the patio door screen
Got room for one more? Actually, they’re hiding now through Thanksgiving
Cooper’s Hawk skimmed our heads and landed at a better observation post
Every feather has its place
Mallard couples at Niles Pond, taking over the turtle rock
This Ring-necked Duck did have 4 cousins with him
Gulls relaxing at Brace Cove
Code Red Alert!
One lap around the cove and back

GHS Fishermen: #GloucesterMA vs East Boston Varsity Soccer (Replay) 11/6/21 Cape Ann Live

Did you miss Round 1 of the tournament? Not to worry! Cape Ann Live filmed the game. Find them on YouTube Cape Ann Live Gloucester vs East Boston Varsity Soccer (Replay) 11/6/21

Since the October storm: “Unfortunately, we had the same issues at Newell Stadium (11/6/2021)…Slow, sporadic internet connection which caused us to get knocked off while livecasting the soccer game. I’ve been in contact with the school IT guys and hopefully it will be fixed by Wednesday’s game. But fear not, the game was recorded in camera so it will be available in its entirety on Cape Ann LIVE’s Facebook and YouTube pages! Please share the link and enjoy the game!”– Cape Ann LIVE

How nice to have any film, whether or not the live feed is up. Thanks GHS Fishermen Athletics, IT, DPW, all!

game 2 is at HOME – 6pm Wednesday | at GHS stunning New Balance Field Newell Stadium | vs. New Bedford

Should be a great match up of a seed 8 vs. a seed 9! They have a long trip here for this game. Winner travels to Belchertown. See tix information below. $10 / $5 students & seniors

Read Nick Curcuru GDT coverage of Game 1 here:  “Gloucester Soccer Boys Dismantles East Boston in First Round Rout” 

Check out GHS Fishermen Athletics all sports – website, Facebook and Twitter


bonus – Pretty fall sunsets

Cheers to the Patriot, the Meridian and the Coast Guard

We watched as the Meridian assisted the Patriot into the harbor escorted by the Coast Guard today. Presumably the Patriot became disabled and the Meridian lent a hand along with the Coast Guard. It appears everyone is safe in harbor now. Cheers Patriot, Meridian and Coast Guard!

Marsh Rothko #GloucesterMA

motif Monday photo: view across the marsh at the back of Good Harbor Beach

photo: portrait of David Cox at MFA, Boston, Rothko exhibition 2018

photos same morning, minus Rothko effects: sunrise motif with signs; when even the parking lot…

Farm Bar and Grille for Cozy Lunch

We stopped at the Farm Bar and Grille in Essex last week because we had not been there in a while. Despite that, the warm atmosphere made us feel like we just left yesterday! Cozy and comfortable was the perfect lunch solution for us. Friendly service, yummy food and good company rounded out the experience. Thanks once again Farm Bar and Grille!

Jr. Celtics Basketball at the Y

Cape Ann Wellness

Hello Basketball Players!

Nick McKenna here, Sports Director at the Glen T. Macleod Cape Ann YMCA and I’msuper excited to kick off the new Jr. Celtics program, beginning this month!

Please join me for this action packed, fun-filled program.

Click here for a cool video sneak peek about the program>>
Click here for a little bit about me>>

Be a Jr. Celtic!
This collaborative program with theBoston CelticsrunsNovember – Februaryand is dedicated to bringing an unique, high-quality basketball experience to Cape Ann. All curriculum will be created in conjunction with the Boston Celtics.

Each participant will be evaluated and placed on the team that best matches their skill level to ensure success, fun and a learning environment.

Rookie Hoops (2-5 yrs) Youth Development League (6-9 yrs)

Kicking off our season is our combine event, where each Jr. Celtic will sign their own…

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