Seals of Approval — pat morss

The seals approve of Brace Cove. We had a record (for us) of 24 this last weekend.

Here are 10 of the 24
Another grouping in the panorama
This little guy found the last rock to appear at low tide
On the other side of the causeway, it was ladies evening out on Niles Pond
This is the reddest tree ever
The USCG is always training
And with some unseasonably warm weather, evening fishing remains popular
Once again the sun will start setting to the left (south) of the lighthouse

Cooper’s Hawk at Cape Hedge Beach From Jim Bates

Good Afternoon Joey,

Thought you’d like to see what’s landed at the Southern end of South Street here at Cape Hedge Beach in Rockport.
It’s been here a few days, sitting on the roofs of cars, atop sign posts and generally driving the area crows crazy.
It’s a beauty.
Jim Bates

What We Call “A Good take”

College hockey. You’ve heard me say how amazing minor league baseball games and parks are for families and now I’m going to say the same thing about college hockey. While, sure, we all love to go to the Red Sox and the Bruins….or the Celtics (or any other professional level team)…… minor leagues and college are where it’s at if you want your child to experience the game and the enthusiasm a bit more personally. Thanks to one of his coaches and a wonderful connection with Billy Riley, Jr (UMass Lowell Legend with a 20+ year coaching career and some Championship seasons on his resume) Finn and a few teammates had the amazing opportunity to skate with the team, stand on the blue line during the National Anthem, sit on the bench, and have a meet-and-great post game with the entire team at the UMass Lowell vs. Boston College game at the Tsongas Center. My boys have also had the opportunity to play games at the TD Garden before and during Bruins games, but they player interaction couldn’t compare. It was so special for these kids to have the chance to chat with college level players, get their autographs, meet their parents, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder (well, ok….shoulder to waist maybe) on the line with them. It is something that they definitely will remember for years to come and I’m super thankful that my PeeWee had the chance to hang with some really phenomenal skaters who are in the midst of making their dreams come true. Good stuff.