Marsh Rothko #GloucesterMA

motif Monday photo: view across the marsh at the back of Good Harbor Beach

photo: portrait of David Cox at MFA, Boston, Rothko exhibition 2018

photos same morning, minus Rothko effects: sunrise motif with signs; when even the parking lot…

Patches of paradise: tiny gardens are big in Gloucester

The little summer gardens of Gloucester grow and grow. Gardener poets show us not only “who loves the flowers, but whom the flowers love,” an axiom my grandmother was fond of.

In praise of deft spade and artful tending, virtual blue ribbons for making a garden of their world and a crowd of joyous color all around us. [Centennial, Prospect, Tolman, Hovey, Rocky Neck, Bass Ave and Rockport Rd.] photos: C. Ryan August 2021

Motif Monday: Gloucester winter yellows (skies, ocean, sun and homes)

Motif Monday- a photo journal of December yellows, Gloucester, MA

Good Harbor Beach_20181223_winter yellows_ © c ryan




surf winter yellows_Long Beach_Gloucester MA_20181222 © c ryan

Motif Monday: Gloucester Oxbow

Happily resigning myself in each season as it passes to the beauty and nature of Gloucester. At low tide, this vista has me at Oxbow.


Thomas Cole (1801-1848),  The Oxbow (View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm), 1836, oil on canvas, 52″ x 76″, highlight from the collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art

What if you welcome the morning like this surfer?




They paddled beyond the breaking waves to stop and watch the sunrise.

Surf and awe (technically known as rapid peace- is a  lifestyle doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power of appreciation, and spectacular displays of force and beauty in nature)

Motif Monday.