If they brought a Life Alive Organic Cafe To Gloucester i’d Have A Hard Time Not Eating There 5 Days A Week

We drive to Salem to eat there. Eloise and Madeline were giddy last night when I offered to take them.

Blue Magic-Lust Alive – Spicy Green Tonic
Thai Peanut Sutra-Brown rice, carrots, shiitake, gold beets & pineapple, crunchy peanut crumble, sesame ginger, umeboshi & spicy peanut sauce $10.25

Check out their website here-

PJ Bovio-The Milky Way

Greetings, Joey!! Hope this email finds you well!!
I’ve painted another portrait I hope you’ll like and consider publishing in the upcoming issue of Good Morning Gloucester. It’s called “The Milky Way,” and it’s done in metallic pencil.
Let me know what you think!! 
Peace and best wishes,
PJ Bovio 

GloucesterCast 530 With Mayor Elect Greg Verga, Beth and Nick Panagos From Bravo Pizza, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat D and Joey C Livestreaming 11/6/21

GloucesterCast 530 With Mayor Elect Greg Verga, Beth and Nick Panagos, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat D and Joey C Livestreaming 11/6/21

Press play to listen (audio)- 

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Young Legends Street Hockey Groundbreaking This Morning

The new Young Legends Street Hockey rink groundbreaking at Stage Fort Park is scheduled for today Saturday Nov 6 at noon. All are invited to attend though it appears SOME groundbreaking has already occurred. For more information regarding the project click here. It’s an exciting new addition to all the great facilities available to our youth.

Cultivating Home 🏡

Cape Ann Home

The world is full of chaos. Technology has us constantly connected and always providing some new story for us to be excited about. Home has increasingly become a place where we need to cultivate peace and stillness. Sometimes we just need to escape the chaos and reset. This family home in Essex was designed for just that.

Sesame Street Tribute

Grand Banks

7 Crafts Road




7am – 4pm Monday – Wednesday

7am – 4pm Thursday

7am – 4pm Friday

Saturday + Sundayby appointment
7 Crafts Road

Gloucester, MA 01930
P| 978-281-2421




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