John Hay With A Tip Of The Chef’s Cap To Tonno

Hey there, I hope you’ll appreciate this…

I’m a long-time follower of GMG, traveler to your fine city for over 30 years, and booster of all things Gloucester.

We enjoy grabbing lobsters from your dock on our way out of town (to steam on our patio-cooker once we get home, to prolong our vacation, and make the neighbors jealous.) , and all the outstanding cuisine options while we’re there.  We plan our beach days and activities around where we will eat every night before anything else gets decided in the morning.

Last night we were guests at an awesome establishment in Albany, NY.  In a brownstone-type walkup (built 1880, in biz since 1982), we had a Chef’s Table Italian meal that was outstanding. Had never been there before or ever had such a dining experience.

Separating our party from the chefs and working kitchen was only a large wooden prep table. 

Served family-style, every course was prepared as we watched and interacted with the chefs. The dishes were delivered with details of the ingredient’s sources, the regions of Italy they originated from, and sometimes with the chef’s inspiration to prepare it.

Here’s what went down when the fish course was served:https://youtue/9MsMo6_rK8g
I was so stoked when Danielle presented with a nod to Tonno I wanted to rob my own house!
I don’t have the charm, chops, or tech of GMG, but I tried to emulate some of the aspects of your POV-establishment impromptus.  Hoping it comes across legit and not cringy.

They were kind enough to allow me to record this, with full knowledge GMG was my intended audience.

I’ll be in Gloucester the 2nd week of August for Tonno, and a Stickah…. to bring back to Albany for Cafe Capriccio.
Peace, and thank you.

John Hay


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