CODA: A Love Letter to Gloucester

We were invited to attend the premier of the Apple TV movie CODA held last night at the Gloucester Cinema. The theater was packed with a wide variety of people with ties to the movies and the story of a teenage girl finding her way as a talented singer in a family where only she can hear. The writer/director Sian Heder described her work as a “love letter to Gloucester” and I think you will agree. Shot in Gloucester in 2019, you will see familiar sights and faces and connect with the struggles of the fishermen. Contemporary story lines will strike a chord and the main characters are well developed.

CODA is an acronym for Child of Deaf Adults but this is not thrown in your face as you watch the story develop. It also means an ending and this is the implication I found myself thinking about throughout the movie. I was surprised by the emotions the story evokes: we laughed heartily and felt a little tearful as well. It is a great story and I highly recommend you find a way to see it when it is released on Apple TV and to movie theaters on August 13 2021.

The after party was held at Mile Marker One and the chef and staff knocked it out of the park. Food stations were set up with hors d oeuvres inlcuding shrimp and flatbread pizzas. The staff was plentiful supplying drinks and restocking the food. It was a great setting for the cast and crew to enjoy the fruits of their labors. The LA premiere cannot be held due to COVID concerns out there, and director Sian Heder noted Gloucester’s premiere was THE premiere. It was an honor to attend and PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch the movie!

One thought on “CODA: A Love Letter to Gloucester

  1. WOW!!! I’m extremely impressed!! As a Gloucester native and actor, I so wish I could have been a part of the CODA experience!! đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’–


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