Even Orioles Drink at the Local Bar

As I have mentioned, we got a new feeding station intended for hummingbirds. It is a plastic red tube with feeding holes allowing the birds to access the sugar water. It has performed perfectly and the hummingbirds love coming to our “bar” or “saloon” for a nip. It has also drawn the Baltimore Orioles and they are lots of fun to watch, except I would kind of prefer they stuck to the oranges and jelly we leave for them and allow the hummingbirds their sugar water. But, tis not to be…… Here, you see an oriole couple having the classic argument at the bar…………..we’ve all been there and witnessed such a disturbance between couples at a bar! The female really seems to be giving the male the business. In one picture you can see a green blur of a hummingbird trying in vain to get back to his spot at the saloon. It’s not easy to capture these guys through a window and in inclement weather, but it’s a story I had to share. Please go to Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook for additional pictures and details.

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