Cape Ann Whale Watch Sunset Trip

We took a trip with Cape Ann Whale Watch last night for a Sunset Cruise under threatening skies and came home with these wonderful memories. We had travelled back from Long Island earlier in the day and since the weather did not look promising, I was sorely tempted to bail out on this trip. But my faith in the Cape All Whale Watch staff to make the trip memorable overcame my temporary reluctance. It turned out that my faith was absolutely justified.

Several family groups including a number of excited children were also aboard, as were photographer friends Jessica and Melissa. Tina was our naturalists, Capt John was at the helm and several interns were along to make our trip successful (shout out to intern Keirsten!) . Although my expectations were VERY low, we did make our way out to the feeding grounds and spent time with Jabbaroo and her calf. The calf was super-playful displaying behaviors such as chin breaching, pectoral slapping, AND a full spinning breach or two! This calf was recently injured in an entanglement and you can see the damage done to its body in some of these pictures. It was a life threatening injury but it appears the calf is recovering. Although the lighting was poor under clouds and light rain, we were treated to the full show and some of the pictures turned out well enough to share.

We got NO sunset, but I would 100% recommend an evening ride with Cape Ann Whale Watch even if the weather is not ideal. Additional pictures and story details posted to Pat D’s Photos and Adventures Facebook page.

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