New – 50 Year Roof Warranty Is For Real

We Service Solar & Roofing Systems From Gloucester to Provincetown, MA
Did You Know There Is 
A “50-Year Roof” Available?
(See photo below) 
Evan Lawler of Cazeault Solar and Home presents Chris Gauthier with his GAF Golden Pledge “50 Year” GAF manufacturers warranty!

Yes, you read that correctly, “50 Years”!
The Gauthier family now has a new roof with a 50-Year Product warranty
and it includes 25-Years of Labor warranty!
Only Cazeault Solar & Home can offer this Manufacturer’s warranty 
because we are a Certified Master GAF Elite roofer!!
– Anything that goes wrong with this roof for the next 50 Years –

GAF protects the warranty!

As you probably know, having satisfaction ratings of 97% and higher is incredibly hard to do in the building trades, but we have now proven ourselves the “Best Pick for both Solar and Roofing” in the Boston area. 


If you would like Tim from Cazeault Solar & Home to contact you fill out this form for a free estimate

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