Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery Presented at Windhover

The Gloucester Stage Company has moved its productions to the Windhover sight on Granite Street in Rockport and is currently presenting Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Other productions this season will also be offered at this outdoor venue. I wasn’t certain what to expect for such a setting, but the Stage Company well prepared for their visitors and subscribers. Parking help is offered by volunteers (thanks to Ellen, an FOB and my parking assistant) and after a short walk, you can be seated in the same arrangement you would find inside at the Stage Company! Bug spray is offered but you might want to prepare in advance to protect yourself as needed.

This particular drama featured only 5 actors; three of them playing several roles with numerous personalities and accents (so kudos to them for their versatility!). The story is somewhat comedic, almost slapstick yet with enough serious undertones to be engaging and entertaining. Unique pieces are a hallmark of the Gloucester Stage Company, and this certainly falls in that category. Special congratulations to the cast who performed professionally through some light rain, distant lightning, and even a short power outage. The show runs through July 25 and last night was sold out, so plan to get your tickets early.

The cast photos are by Jason Grow and used with permission of Gloucester Stage.

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