Lisa Capella checks in-

I’m a part time Gloucester resident who reads your blog daily since I signed up for it a few months ago.   My husband and I have vacationed in Glouc. since 1982.  In 2008, we bought a condo unit on Western ave towards Magnolia.   We visit every chance we get.  I am a diehard Bruins fan (long story since we live in New Rochelle, NY) and see at least 2 games at TDG every year.  I was at the Islander game a few weeks ago that we won.   That’s me on the left w/ my friend who owns the condo with us (she got hooked on Gloucester first time).

Barry goes fishing with the Yankee fleet and esp. loves the Thurs. marathons.   In all the time we’ve spent up there, we love how unspoiled and friendly it remains.   The info on the Genome was passed to me by the Gloucester Astronomy Club who’s doings I also follow.
Loved your reco for Oliver’s restaurant.    We’re going to try Short and main next.    

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