Scheduling Private “Kiosk Tastings” at Savour Emphasizing Safety & Digital Efficiency


Now A New Way to Experience the Savour-Summer Grand Wine Tasting

Now you can schedule a private in-store digital “Kiosk Tasting”, complementing our ongoing virtual online Grand Tasting, providing the full sensory experience of our traditional, bi-annual Savour Grand Wine Tastings.

The Kiosk Tasting: When, Where, Who & How
For Week One (Tuesday, Sept. 1 to Sat. Sept. 5th, between noon and 5PM) we are now
reserving private tastings every half-hour, with 20-minutes devoted to tasting up to 20 bottles from our digital kiosk and the option to acquire choice wines.
See Week One Wines’ Presenters’ Videos – Manny Gonzales l Liv DeMont l Ciro Pirone Augusto Gabriel atsavourwineandcheese.comand download their wine description sheets.

To reserve your private tasting please call Kathleen & Courtney @ 978.282.1455.
-To further ensure a safe experience welcoming one customer or a…

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