Finn’s First Shark

Finn went out Tuna Fishing the other day and sadly had no luck.  He did, however, have a six species day.  He was able to catch pogies, cod, haddock, mackerel, mud hake, and….more excitingly…his first shark.   I’m sad that I wasn’t on the boat to watch him fight the shark and to capture more video…but, I’m thankful that Thatcher snapped a couple photos for me.  The blue shark took the tuna bait and was obviously released.  It was fun for Finn to reel in something that big though!   I love how passionate Finn is about his fishing.   He loves his hockey, and baseball, and yes…his xbox (insert eyeroll) but…when given the choice….fishing is ALWAYS top on his list. Every vacation is built around where/when he can fish….and where he can find the best local tackle shop.

We have left Disney World to get back to the hotel and fish on the lake.   We have left the beach in the Bahamas to find fishing line and conch to fish off the docks. We have spent countless hours fishing under bridges in the Florida Keys ….when I would have given a million dollars for a frozen drink at the Square Grouper.  We wake up before sunrise on Martha’s Vineyard to get to Owen Park Beach at the first light of dawn….and we usually end the day on the rocks at Lake Tashmoo well after the sun sets. Trips to NH in the winter involve ice fishing….and even some hockey tournaments leave me looking for hotels near fishing holes.  He doesn’t care what he catches…or what the conditions.  He’s on a mission with a good buddy to catch 100 stripers this season….but, they’ve stalled out at about 35.  I have promised him some more time on the water to score some more!

Finn has even started his own fishing Instagram page.  If you use Instagram you can look for him at finnatic_fishing

More than anything right now he’d like to go fish with the Charlie Moore the Mad Fisherman. to up that Bass count.

IMG_2415 2IMG_2405IMG_2404IMG_2415

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