I may or may not have a cooler and ice obsession. Here’s a test video

Is it strange that I have a ton of anxiety based around if my beverages and food is kept optimally cold?

Like I am seriously freaking out if we go to the beach and my beer isn’t ice cold, I’m angry.  I’m angry if other people aren’t doing whatever it takes to insure the beer and bottled water are super cold.

Is it strange that I feel the need to have several different types of coolers for different situations?

1)Large cooler for party situations at the house


Large Capacity

Classy All White



Mobility/Super heavy when loaded/no wheels

Igloo 100 Quart Link To Purchase Here


2) Need a wheeled cooler for family outings where there will be a lot of food and beverages and ice and to carry it along with all the other beach stuff is not optimal without wheels.


  • Decent capacity
  • Wheels and telescopic handle
  • Price


  • Overkill for more than a couple of people

Coleman 50 Quart link To Purchase Here


3) Need a rotomolded one for when you want to insure the coldest of cold beverages and you’re not having to lug it a long way.

Ozark Trail Rotomolded 26 Qt Link To Purchase



  • Rotomolded coolers best for keeping beverages cold the longest.
  • Quality Construction/Materials


  • Super heavy even without ice and cans.
  • Price
  • Low capacity for size and weight

4) Need a slim soft sided one that won’t take up a lot of room on the boat.

Ozark Trail Soft Sided Welded Seam Cooler Link To Purchase



Vertical Footprint takes up less space on the boat

Waterproof and leakproof



Stiff zippers that need lubricating to keep moving easily

Eric Lorden owns this one and we did an ice test to see how it fared.

Disclaimer:  Many hard core cooler freaks (like myself) will want to consider the conditions under which the test was administered.

I’ll outline what the conditions were for the test:

The cooler was not pre-chilled and the 18 pack of Coors light was dumped in the cooler from the package store cooler ten minutes after it was purchased so the beer was cold.  The ice in the two 5 lb bags we dumped in had melted a bit.  It too had been out of the package store freezer for a little over 10 minutes.

We packed the beer in at 9:00 AM covered it with the two 5 lb bags of ice and checked it first at 1:40 PM and did not open it again until 7:00 AM this morning.

Watch the video to see the results and my overall recommendation:

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